Best 30 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium Reviews

Buying the best 30 Gallon fish tank for your fish keeping hobby will come with a plethora of opportunities and usefulness. Those who are fond of keeping beautiful fishes, for them, buying a 30 Gal fish tank is just the right start. Also if you are seeking an upgrade from your previous 10 Gal fish tank, then I can assure you, that nothing can suit you better than this.

PictureNameType Price
SeaClear Show Acrylic AquariumBoth Salt And FreshwaterMid Low $$$
SeaClear 29 Gal Show Acrylic Aquarium ComboBoth Salt And FreshwaterMid Low $$$
SeaClear 30 gal Show AcrylicBoth Salt And FreshwaterLow $$$
Seapora 59205 Standard BreederBoth Salt And FreshwaterLow $$$
Seapora 59204 30 gallonBoth Salt And FreshwaterLow $$$

How To Make The Best Out Of A 30 Gallon Fish Tank?

While having a tank like such, you must use it to its full potentiality in order to unlock its best feature.

Multiple Usage:

 The best thing about getting such a huge tank is that you literally have a plenty of choices, in which you can use the tank. So, use your 30 Gallons for keeping saltwater fishes, brackish water fishes, coral reefs or only for planting beautiful underwater vegetation.

Doubling The Option:

When so many useful tank dividers are available in the market, you just cannot resist the option to divide your tank into two. It will not only give your tank a better look but also you will be able to keep two types of communities in a single tank. A 30 Gallons of aquarium just has the enough space to house such diversity.

Nice Decorations:

While opting for a smaller tank you really lose the opportunity to decorate it to its full potential because of the lack of space for your fishes to swim. But with a fish tank of 30 Gallons, you are free to décor with beautiful gravels, houses, toys etc. 

Breeding Tank:

 A 30 Gallon aquarium has the adequate space to serve as a breeding tank. So, if you are looking to increase your family of fishes a bit, use this tank to breed as many as you want.

Re-selling Options:

It might be the case, that after using this tank for years, you feel the need of an upgrade. Then re-selling this tank will always incur you a great value. Clearly, buying a 30 Gallon fish tank will prove very cost-effective.

Best 30 Gallon Fish Tank – 2017 Top Picks

This measure of fish tank is quite a popular choice for those who thinks about the future and understands that fishes grow in size and the space demand increases over time. God ahead and choose the one you like the most.

1.SeaClear Show Acrylic Aquarium Junior Executive Kit Review:

The Junior Executive kit from SeaClear is packed with features that are the needs of every fish keeper. This kit is manufactured and sold by SeaClear, both for the beginners and the hobbyists and comes at a really reasonable rate.

  • Acrylic made aquarium with scratch and impact-proof housing.
  • Stronger and lighter housing than glass make it a preferable choice.
  • Both suitable for fresh and saltwater.
  • Full hood is included with the 24 inches of the fluorescent fixture.
  • A power filter is also there with the kit.
  • Plastic plants are given for decoration.
  • Water conditioner is given for proper caring for the hardness of the water.
  • How-to guide is given with the fish food.
  • You will also get a fish net for multipurpose usage.
  • The dimensions of the tank are 30 x 12 x 18 inches.
  • The tank is of 20 pounds.

SeaClear Show Acrylic Aquarium

Things You Will Need:

The kit is already coming with essential equipment. Though some of the things that you may need to include to complete the setup process are-

  • 1 x heater.
  • 1 x thermometer.

Last Verdict:

This 29 Gallon aquarium is coming with all the necessary kits, so there is no reason for which you can say no to this combo pack. Also, the tank coming with this kit is made of acrylic and weighs very less. If you buy this combo set, I can assure that it will be the best set for you in the market. 

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2.SeaClear 29 Gal Show Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set Review:

If the SeaClear Junior Executive Aquarium Combo Set is not coming in your budget but you cannot compromise on the volume and the quality, then this 29 Gallon aquarium kit can serve you well.

  • The aquarium is completely made of acrylic and it is 17 times stronger than the glass which is why it is the best choice for those who prefer to handle non-glass made things.
  • The absolute scratch-resistant housing will help the tank in retaining the aesthetic look for years.
  • The impact-resistant feature is also useful in terms of leakage proof housing.
  • The tank is absolutely safe from kids and pets.
  • You can both use it for saltwater and freshwater.
  • The kit comes with three different colors of reflectors. You can choose any one.
  • An electrical fixture of 24 inches is also included.
  • The lid is attached but a considerable amount of cutting portion is there to feed your fishes and clean the tank.
  • The dimensions of the tank are 30 x 12 x 18 inches.
  • The weight of the entire kit is 20 pounds.

Things You Will Need:

To complete this combo set you will need the following equipment –

  • 1 x 3 or more stage filter for biological, mechanical and chemical filtration.
  • 1 x heater to maintain the fluctuating underwater temperature so that the fishes thrive well.
  • 2 x LED lights for day and night time, which can be fixed in the given fixture.
  • 1 x Water Conditioner for taking control of the water hardness.
  • 1 x Thermometer (Optional).

Last Verdict:

29 Gallons of tank is more or less similar to a 30 Gallon, so to save some extra dollars you can definitely go with this combo set from SeaClear without compromising on the quality and volume. Buying the required equipment and then finally setting up the tank will help your fish to have a good health for years.

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3.SeaClear 30 gal Show Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set Review: 

SeaClear is a well-known brand among the aquarium manufacturers who produces really sturdy aquarium sets. This 30 Gallon fish tank from SeaClear comes with the perfect combo set that you may need to set up the entire tank of yours.

The combo set has the accumulation of quality features that will definitely turn anyone’s head towards this tank.

  • SeaClear offers a 30 Gallon acrylic fish tank with this set which is 17 times stronger than glass and about 4 mm thick.
  • The tank is absolutely impact resistant and very less prone to chipping, so those who are afraid of handling a glass made tank, this combo set is perfect for them.
  • One reflector of 3 different colors is available with this set.
  • It is safer for children and pet than glass made tank.
  • The hood cannot be separated but it has a wide cut portion which can be opened to feed the fishes and clean the tank.
  • It is completely safe to use both as a 30 Gallon saltwater fish tank and a freshwater tank.
  • The combo further includes an electrical light fixture of 24 inches.
  • The total set has only a weight of 30 pounds and certainly lighter than a glass made, same volume tank.
  • The product dimensions are 36 x 12 x 16 inches.

Things You Will Need:

To complete this set and to get started with your fish keeping hobby, there are certain things you may need.

  • 1 x 3-stage filter for proper filtration.
  • 2 x LED lights; one for the daytime and other for the moonlight effect.
  • 1 x heater to control the temperature of the tank.
  • 1 x Water conditioner to control the hardness of the water.
  • 1 x Fishnet for multipurpose usage.
  • 1 x pH Calculator (Optional).
  • 1 x thermometer (Sometimes, come with the heater).

Last Verdict:

This is one of the cheap 30 Gallon fish tanks in the market that comes with a combo set, but the significant part of this tank is that it is manufactured by SeaClear, which is a very reputed brand in the industry for its quality product. If you are planning to buy a tank that will last longer and serve you well in future, then you better opt for this combo set as it will fulfill, your all requirements.

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4.Seapora 59205 Standard Breeder 30 Gallon Aquarium Review:

If you are looking for a standalone aquarium made of glass at a very reasonable price, then going for this Seapora 59205 Standard breeder is the perfect fit for you.

  • The tank is made in the United States and hence has a quality built.
  • The glass made tank with silicone sealed corners add special charm to the aesthetic beauty of your room.
  • The glass is sturdy in nature and avoids any chances of breaking easily.
  • This 30 Gallon long fish tank is also less prone to scratches because of its quality built.
  • Absolutely leakage-proof structure gives you confidence in keeping your fishes for longer usage.
  • The total weight of the tank is only 10 pounds.
  • The dimensions are 18 x 10 x 4.3 inches.

Things You Will Need:

To complete this fish tank, you will need to add some essential equipment so that your fishes get a thriving environment to swim.

  • 1 x 30 Gallon fish tank lid.
  • 1 x Light fixture.
  • 1 x 3-stage filter.
  • 1 x heater.
  • 2 x LED lights for the daytime and for the night.
  • 1 x thermometer to measure the temperature at the time of weather fluctuations.
  • 1 x pH Calculator (Optional).
  • 1 x Water Conditioner to control the hardness of the water.

Last Verdict:

This 30 Gallon fish tank from Seapora is the perfect buying decision for those who want to buy a sturdy glass made tank that will last longer. But in case you are searching for a 30 Gallon fish tank kit then you need to opt for the aquarium combo sets from SeaClear.

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5.Seapora 59204 30 gallon Standard Extra High Aquarium Review: 

If you are planning to buy a single thirty Gallon fish tank without any equipment, then this 30 Gallon tall fish tank from Seapora is undoubtedly a must-buy for you. The set of features, this single tank consists are worth mentioning.


  • This extra high tank is manufactured in the United States and hence has a quality built.
  • The glass made tank is sealed with silicone made sealers which add a special aesthetic beauty to your room.
  • The sealing of the corners made the glass sturdier and leakage proof.
  • This tank is also less prone to scratches because of its tough housing.
  • The product only weighs 3.5 pounds.
  • The dimensions are 3 x 3.5 x 4.3 inches.

Things You Will Need:

Though you can add as many as things you want but some of the necessary equipment are –

  • 1 x 3 stage filter.
  • 1 x heater.
  • 1 x thermometer.
  • 1 x aquarium lid.
  • 1 x water conditioner.
  • 2 x Led lights for the day and night time.

Last Verdict

If you are looking for a standalone aquarium that will suit your budget adequately then buying this tank from Seapora will be the right decision because of the sturdiness and long lasting feature of the glass.

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  • What are the 30 Gallon long fish tank dimensions?
  • Usually, the dimensions largely vary from one manufacturer to other but an average long 30 Gallon fish tank size or dimensions are 18 x 10 x 4.3 inches.
  • What is the 30 Gallon fish tank price?
  • The average price of a 30 Gal. aquarium ranges from lower $$$ to mid $$$, and if you are planning to buy a kit then the price will be range from lower $$$ to higher $$$. 
  • What is the ideal fish for 30 Gallon tank? 
  • Basically, in a 30 Gallon mid-size tank you can keep several community fishes but keeping fishes of same nature is recommended. As an example swordtail fishes are very active in nature; you will find them swimming continuously. But if you keep them with molly fishes which are really calm swimmers, it will be a very bad combination, whereas keeping the zebra danios with the swordtails will be appropriate.
  • What is the best fish for a 30 Gallon high fish tank? 
  • Swordfishes love to swim at the surface of the water, so if you are keeping 6 – 7 swordfishes in your high 30 Gallon tank, then it will be appropriate.
  • How difficult is the 30 Gallon fish tank setup process? 
  • With the right guidance and appropriate equipment, it is not at all an uphill task. For all queries related to aquarium and fish keeping, you can read our blog.

Bottom line:

While opting for a 30 Gallon fish tank, nothing can go wrong as it has enough space for your fishes to swim and thrive well. All you need is a good set up environment and for that, you will have to incorporate some of the good quality equipment like a 3 stage filter, a heater and appropriate lighting. Also even after a long usage of your aquarium, if you feel the need of upgrading it then you can always get a good resell value of the product in the market.