If marine life is what interests you which I am sure does taking into consideration the kind of articles you are reading right now, you are exactly at the right place. These days we hardly find ourselves indulging in the beauty that mother nature provided us with.

This company called Fluval, explores their love and interests on marine life and provides us with an opportunity to explore them too. Fluval manufactures aquatic products like the best external canister filters and distributes worldwide amongst 100 or more countries.

Origin of the Fluval:

Fluval happens to be a child to a company which is broader in the truest sense of the term. The Rolf C. Hagen Group of Companies happens to be one of the largest providers of pet products. The company was founded by Rolf C. Hagen in the year 1955. This company provides pet products to the whole of the world at least most of it. For people who own pets, this company has shown new boundaries of fulfilling their dreams. There are hardly any pet products that this company fails to offer. This happens to be one of the leading brands and is undoubtedly doing a great job.

Fluval is a distributary that is run by this company . Fluval caters to the people who would want fishes as their pets or would try and conserve a little marine world at their place. We cannot totally ignore the fact how much big a difference it makes. It helps your mind to be clear and also works on making your house and room a beautiful place.

Nowadays, if you want to setup an aquarium at your place you do not have to work too hard into looking for the products that you need so that your fishes are comfortable nad safe. For example, suitable furniture, filters or plants. Even the lighting of the aquariums plays a key role in keeping the fishes at peace. This company provides with everything that you might need to make your dream come true.

How is Rolf C. Hagen Group of Companies making a difference:

The best part about this company that has made it this big is that out of all the so-called important issues of the world, This company deals with our pets and how to take care of them. The concern that they show for the health of the animals is to be applauded. Once we have too many people like them who are interested in the health of these lovely beings, the world will be a better place.

The company provides pet cares for every kind of pets. They provide with multiple numbers of things that will help you to look after them in a better way. It does not ignore any kind of animal be it big or small. You can learn more about them if you visit their website.

If you need anything for your pet who is not necessarily a fish you can visit their website and look for the local dealer. Sadly, this brilliant company is not found in all the countries and that might add to be its disadvantage. However, the people are working on spreading it more.

There are a lot of need for this people and if there are more companies that come up with such an innovative taste, we people who own pets do not have to worry much.

What does Fluval manufacture?

Fluval is one of the largest producers of marine products and has topped the list already. You would find hardly few people in the world who are interested in fishes, aquatic products, the canister filters and does not give enough importance to Fluval.

Fluval has been manufacturing a different range of products so that we can preserve or create a little marine eco-system on our own at our own house to enhance the beauty and the importance of the same.

Fluval produces a wide range of products and the quality of the same ensures a lot of things. The company has received a lot of love from the marine Hobbyists and is the first choice for many while selecting a good canister filter.

Products and their wide range:

Once you visit their website, You will know about the kind of work they do. They are extremely passionate about whatever they are doing and are working really hard to meet every other need of the users. Their energy is captivating and their passion is infectious. Once you find out about their perfection, you will stick to them as well as your hobby.

The products:

The products are firstly classified into Saltwater, Freshwater, and Lifestyle. The ones that are suitable to be used in saltwater falls under the saltwater category. The freshwater category holds the Fluval-Vista_Bent_Glass_Aquarium_With_Canister_Filter_Kitproducts that are suitable to be used for freshwater. As far as the lifestyle option goes, we know how difficult it is to handle lifestyle aquariums. This company provides us with every other product that we need to maintain our aquariums or enhance their beauties.

Saltwater Aquarium Products:

If you look into this stream , You will find what a diverse range of products is available. This company understands our needs and works accordingly. The products that are found in saltwater are categorized under canister filtration systems, filter media, Aquariums, furniture, lighting, water pumps, heating, aeration, marine salt,water care, maintenance, and accessories. You will find different products and their different compositions.

Fresh Water Aquarium Products:

The fresh water products are also found in a huge variety. The fresh water products that are available are categorized under a few things namely external canister filtration, filter media, Aquariums, furniture, lighting, water pumps, heating, aeration, marine salt,water care, maintenance, and accessories.

The lifestyle products:

The categories under which the lifestyle products are categorized are namely : Filter media, Aquariums, furniture, plant care, water care, nutrition,decor, and maintenance.

Fluval Vs SunSun:

After reading this much about Fluval, you would know that the company masters in. If you are still not aware of the things that Fluval does best, I would like to guide you on the same. Fluval Fluval-G6-Advanced-Filtration-System
happens to be one of the leading manufacturers of the marine products.

As a child to Rolf C. Hagen Group of Companies, it has done its best in the marine business. The products are useful and are updated with great features that are hard to be found.

It has been successful in selling and distributing products all over the world. The mother company has been running for a greater cause. They provide products for all sorts of pets and distribute around the world. One of their leading product is the best canister filter. They have provided the users with the best they can.

SunSun is a china based company that has made quite an impact on the same business too. Since 1985, SunSun has been producing products that are important for the fish hobbyists to take good care of the fishes. They have a wide range of products.

SunSun even caters the users with products that help in the gardening. This company has got a lot to provide and it is a wide distributor of marine products. If we discuss the Canister filters this company produces, you will know that it has been doing some real good job.

If both Fluval and SunSun Canister filters are compared, we will have a wide idea about both of them and which one to choose if we are looking for a thing in particular. Let’s discuss some important comparisons of the both.


  1. Fluval Canister filters are built in a way such that they have a higher capacity. These filters are usually fit for larger aquariums. However, SunSun filters are usually meant to be used by people who own smaller filters.
  2. If you look closely into the sizes, you will find that the Fluval filters are way larger in size than the SunSun filters. Thus, Fluval is less portable than SunSun.
  3. If again the size is taken into concern, if you are looking for a filter that will fit into a small space, you should not look for Fluval.
  4.  Fluval filters can filter for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums which SunSun cannot. This can be a huge success point for Fluval.
  5. If the filtration is considered, SunSun does a better job. Some of the SunSun canister filters support five stage filtration while Fluval is still stuck with three.
  6. There is an extra feature in the SunSun Canister filters called the UV sterilizer that clears all the harmful bacteria and algae from the water which is not to be found in the Fluval Canister filters. This is a very productive addition and is hardly found in any other filters.
  7. Customer service for both the companies are pretty good and they respond to the problems of the customers in no time.

Customer Reviews:

The customer reviews for both the products, however, include certain problems that they have faced while using the products. We know that Customers reviews are the best way to know about a certain product.

Here we are providing you some of the reviews to help you choose a product better:

  1. There are certain complaints about the hoses that Fluval uses. The hoses are not helping in the smooth flow of water which might lead to a bigger trouble.
  2. There are constant reviews about SunSun that the filters are not working properly after a certain period of time which is not the case for Fluval.
  3. Fluval suffers leakage problems even after a strong precaution is taken. There are hardly any complaints about SunSun regarding the same issue.

There are suitable Pros and Cons for both the products. However, It is entirely up to you whichever you would want to use.

Fluval Vs Hydor:

Fluval has been making a mark in the industry since long. We have a brief knowledge about the products that Fluval if offering us. Needless to say, all of them are pretty impressive. There are little glitches here and there which can be taken care. The mother company of Fluval is working for a greater cause. It serves for all sorts of pets. Fluval looks into the marine branch of the company.

Hydor was started in the year 1984 and since then it has been doing great in the industry. Hydor products are used by a lot of marine hobbyists to maintain their aquariums and fishes. All the products are updated with a lot of recent technologies that separates the Hydor products from the rest. You will hardly find any complaints regarding the Hydor products. Even if there are complaints, it is easily solved by their customer service team.

If you take into consideration the canister filters that are developed by both the companies, you will find that they are quite different from each other. If we get into discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both the canister filters, it will be easier for the users to choose between the two.

Comparison between the Fluval and Hydor external canister filters:

  1. Fluval canister filters are usually large in size and caters for aquariums that are huge. The capacity of the Fluval filter is way greater than the rest. Hydor, on the other hand, caters to most kind of aquariums.
  2. If you have restricted space at your house, you might not want to get a Fluval canister filter because it is usually larger in size than the others. Hydor is better when you are facing such problems.
  3. Fluval and Hydor both produce a minimum amount of noise. They both work with minimum vibrations. The motors are great for both and are designed in a way that it produces a minimum amount of noise.
  4. The electricity consumption by the Hydor canister filters is way lesser than the Fluval canister filters. That way, It becomes way more user-friendly than Fluval.
  5. The customer service for both the companies are incredible and once you buy items from any of them, you do not have worry about the service that the company has to provide.
  6. There are hardly any problems faced by the users while setting up a Fluval filter due to the instruction manual that is provided by the manufacturing company. No such complaints are registered by the users of Hydor filters which indicate that the setup of Hydor is not a very difficult thing.
  7. Fluval provides a product warranty of three years for most of the products while we do not have any information about the warranty period that Hydor provides us with.

Customer Reviews:customer-satisfaction_of_Fluval_Canister Filter_and Hydor

The customer reviews for Fluval have always been great and there are hardly any complaints registered in the name of the company. However, the impellers are found not to be working well after a
certain period of time. There are certain questions asked by the users regarding the sustainability of the system. This is due to the machine not working well after a prolonged usage.

Hydor has a very good reputation with its users. It has never faltered in maintaining a certain product or something close to that. However, there are certain glitches that the Hydor filter suffers. There are problems with the priming button and the filter is not working properly after a certain period of time.

However, it is completely your choice whichever you would want to use. I hope this article proved to be of good help and will help you in choosing the right product for your aquarium.

 Advantages Of Fluval Canister filters:

There are several advantages that I can mention when Fluval is the topic of discussion. Fluval is one of the leading producers of marine products. Needless to mention, this company happens to be the favorite of marine hobbyists.

If you are interested in preserving fishes, you might just have some fishes that are priceless. A Fluval canister filter works best for taking care of exotic fishes and sea plants. We absolutely get the idea of fulfilling your passion in the best way possible. A canister filter developed by Fluval has all the characteristics to be called the best in the market. We are here to discuss a few:


  1. The Fluval Canister filter is best for the aquariums that are big in size. The capacity of these filters is huge and is fit to be used for larger sized aquariums. If you are looking for a filter that has to clean a large aquarium, you can just go for this one.
  2. There are several Fluval canister filters found in the market and all of them are equipped with different characteristics. All the features are important and equally necessary.
  3. Fluval canister filters are not that portable owing to the large size but you can ignore that considering the fact that it filtrates larger aquariums.
  4. Fluval canister filters are very fashionable to look at. They are black and good looking. These filters are often used by the users to enhance the beauty of their house.
  5. All the Fluval Canister filters follow the three-staged filtration system. In this particular process, the dirty water from the aquarium passes through three layers that eradicate almost all the impurities of the water. The first stage is called the mechanical filtration where all the visible impurities are taken out of the water. The second stage is the biological filtration where the cut is cleared of all the nitrates. The third stage is the chemical filtration. this stage ensures that there are no chemical impurities in the water. This is one of the best processes to clean the water and remove all the dirt that is there.
  6. The Fluval canister filter is designed in a way that there is hardly any noise produced when the motors are functioning. The motors are developed in a way such that it produces controlled vibrations. There are hardly any noise or vibration produced that might harm your sleep. The developers are to be applauded for this kind of advancement
  7. The best part about Fluval canister filters are that they are extremely easy to clean. You will not be facing any problems while you are ready for cleaning the filter that you use.
  8. The built is simple but great. If you look at the filter you will realize that the filter has very strong covers. It is built in a way such that there is hardly any scope for leakage which is a great attribute.
  9. All the individual parts of the filters are available in the market. Thus, if you find a problem in any of the individual parts you need not change the whole machine. You can just change the particular part and your machine will run as properly as ever.
  10. The customer care service that is provided by Fluval is nothing less than perfect. You just have to let them know about the problems that you are facing and they will get back to you in no time.

Fluval, if used well can prove to be one of the best canisters filters that can be used. This provides with all the facilities that you might be looking for if you are concerned about the precious fishes that you own.

I do not find any other company as passionate doing the job as this. Fluval makes it a point to understand our passion and manufacture products according to our needs. This is something that you must love!

Disadvantages of Fluval canister filters:

Fluval is one of the leading producers of aquatic products that mainly deals with fishes. It is equipped with a lot of features that works best for the company. This company has made it to the top of the charts with enough reasons.

However, there are certain negative traits that Fluval has which can be avoided if taken proper care. The disadvantages of using Fluval are way less in number than the advantages. Fluval has been doing a remarkable job in this field but we need to look at the negative traits for the benefit of our users.

  1. Fluval filters are usually bigger in size in comparison to the other filters available in the market. The capacity of the Fluval filters is usually greater than any other normal filters and hence you can use them only to clear large fish tanks. Fluval cannot be used for any or every aquarium.
  2. The size is a huge concern for people who have very little space at their home for the filter. If you are worried about any filter occupying a large space in your room you should definitely not be buying a Fluval filter.
  3. The hoses or the pipes that are used by Fluval are recurring problems after some time of usage which can be a bad thing for the reputation of the company.
  4. There are certain Fluval models which are reported to be creating some noise when the motors are working. Fluval is a brand that promises the users of complete silence. This problem can be easily solved if handled with care.
  5. The motors are not working after a certain period of time which again can be checked with a little care by the users.

The users just have to take a little notice of the fact that the machine is maintained well and there are no means by which the machine is suffering. If there are leakages or anything that cannot be handled by the users , you just need to inform the customer care service.

The best part about this company is that it gives a lot of importance to its users and tries to solve their problem as soon as possible. Fluval has been working since a long time and it will do justice to the legacy that it has been carrying. It is advised to contact the manufacturers as soon as the filters face any kind of problem.

Fluval filters that you need to avoid!

Fluval has always been manufacturing products that are very useful and are equally efficient. There are a number of products produced by Fluval and there are a lot of marine hobbyists who are absolutely satisfied with the company.

However, we have not found any product of Fluval that falters so much that the people are not being able to use them.

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