Fluval 106 Canister Filter

Fluval 106 Canister Filter Review – 2017 Top Pick

If you are looking for The best External Canister Filter for your Aquarium, this is the right place you have come to. We are caught up in a strange humdrum of life where we hardly get time to maintain our hobbies. If we have one, we hardly have the time to maintain. This Canister filter has come as a blessing to the lives of people who take aquariums as their passion and hobby.

Once you share this kind of a passion , You need to take care of the health of your fishes and as well as the beauty of your aquarium. If you find one single thing doing both the jobs, nothing can give you more satisfaction. The Fluval 106 External Canister Filter does both the job and with an equal amount of perfection.

The features that are embedded in this machine will convince you on how effectively this works. Discussed below are the special features that make this filter so special.

Some InBuilt Features Of The Fluval 106 External Canister Filter : 

  1. The filter is extremely portable making it easy for the people to carry it from one place to another. This makes it very easy to be used and placed wherever you want it to be. This Canister Filter is extremely light and can be carried by anybody and everybody.
  2. This External Canister Filter supports the three staged filtration system where the impure water goes through three stages of filtration. The first is the Mechanical, the second is the biological and the third is the Chemical. This works wonders in extracting all the known and unknown impurities from the water.
  3. The filter is fit to be used for smaller aquariums. The capacity of this particular filter is around 25 gallons which makes it viable for the people who have a smaller aquarium. ]
  4. There is an AquaStop Valve which prevents water flow at times. This feature makes it easier to clean and you also do not have to take much pressure about the cleaning of stuff!
  5. There is hardly any noise produced by the system while it works. The motors are designed in a way such that it prevents vibration. You will hardly get any noise while this machine is at use.
  6. There is a dual layer foam screen that makes the filtration system even better.


The capacity of this machine is not much. It can filtrate almost 25 gallons of water in a filter. The speed is impressive. The filter is small but is extremely capable.


This filter like the other Canister Filters follows the system where the dirty water goes through three steps of filtration in order to filter all the dirt that is possibly found. The three steps are Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical.


There is hardly any noise that is been created by the machine. The motors are even produced in a way that there is limited vibration produced. This filter will definitely not awake you from the lovely sleep that you were having.


The filter apart from being portable and effective is extremely user-friendly. There are instruction manuals distributed with every packaging so that the users do not find it difficult to use. Plus, the setup is really easy. The AquaStop valve also stops the unwanted water flow while cleaning the filter. The filter is also extremely easy to clean thus solving a lot of problems.


There is a warranty of three years that is being provided with the product. You cannot deny how great this is.

Pros And Cons Of The Fluval 106 Canister Filter:


  1. The filter is extremely light and is easily portable. You can carry it from one place to another with much ease.
  2. The setup is extremely easy. You will not be facing any kind of difficulty while setting this particular filter up.
  3. There is hardly any noise produced.
  4. The system has a dual layer foam that cleans the water.
  5. The system of filtration is great. Along with the three stages of filtration, There are other features that make the work easier.
  6. The customer service is pretty great and you will not have to face trouble once you want something fixed.


  1. There are some difficulties faced by the users after a prolonged period of use. The parts do not work too well if the maintenance is not great.

If you ignore this little disadvantage, You will find that this particular filter has a lot of potentials and is brilliant to use. 

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