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Fluval FX6 Best Canister Filter – Review 2017

We get to know how critical a fish hobbyist you are from the kind of filter you tend to use. We have the Fluval FX6 review for you. If you are a lover of fishes, it is certain that you will take good care of them . You will look into the fact that they are happy and healthy. Who can Do it better than a Fluval FX6 Canister filter? (Check The Product)

You need to take care of a lot of things once you are in love with the marine ecosystem and want to preserve something similar but smaller in size at your house and this filter is the best help you can get.

We cannot ignore the fact that an aquarium preserves the beauty of our house. Once you have something as beautiful as an aquarium at your place, the beauty of your house is maximized and there are a lot of people visiting your place just to take a glance at the beautiful thing that you own.

Anything that gathers good attention has to be taken care of. You need to take care of your fishes.  The water must also be clear and white such that the inside is clearly visible.

To make sure of these things, we will recommend you to use a Fluval FX6 Canister filter. Developed by Fluval, this filter assures you all the best possible advantages. The features are discussed below!

Some Inbuilt Features Of The Fluval FX6 Canister Filter:

  1. This system. If you are not aware of what this is, we could give you a brief. in a three stage filtration, the dirty water goes through three stages that separate all kind of dirt. It also takes care of the chemical and biological impurities. The three stages are namely, Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical.
  2.  This is not too difficult to carry and is moderately portable.
  3. The capacity of this filter is huge and can be used to filter large aquariums. This particular high-quality canister filter can filtrate aquariums that support around 400 gallons of water.
  4. The filter is updated with a monthly maintenance reminder. It will remind you every month when the time has come for you to maintain it. You will save a lot of time this way. You do even have to worry about the fact that you might forget to clean your filter.
  5. There is a smart pump technology that has been introduced in the filter by the manufacturers. This technology takes care of the efficiency and performance of the filter.
  6. The setup is pretty easy and you do not need to do too much for the filter to start. It takes less than a minute to start and you just have to plug it in and add some water.
  7. There is hardly any noise produced by the system as the cover is built in such a way that it stops the sound. The impellers are designed in such a way that there is a minimum amount of vibration produced.
  8. The AquaStop valves make the maintenance easier.


This is one of the best possible aquarium filters developed by Fluval. The capacity is huge and can be used by large aquariums. This filter can almost clean aquariums that can hold up to 400 gallons of water. This attribute of the filter segregates it from the rest.


As mentioned earlier, this Canister filter supports three-stage filtration. The impure water goes through three stages in order to filter itself. The stages are Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical respectively. These three stages are very important if you want to maintain your aquarium nicely and properly and also want it to enhance the looks of your house.


There are impellers installed in the filter that makes the vibration almost negligible. You can feel them at all resulting in no sound. The cover is such that it stops all the sound from coming outside. If you are using this machine there is a high chance that you may not hear any sound at all.


This system is extremely user-friendly. There is a guidance manual provided with the packaging which solves half of your queries. The starting of this filter also does not involve too many steps.

The best part is that the machine automatically alarms you every month for the maintenance. The manufacturers have worked really hard to look into the fact that the users face no trouble while operating the device.


No information about the warranty period is disclosed as such.

Pros and Cons Fluval FX6 Canister Filter:


  1. The capacity is something that is the biggest advantage of this particular filter. The capacity of this filter is about 400 gallons which is very impressive.
  2. There is no noise produced while this filter is operating. This Canister filter will never disturb its users while they are sleeping or doing something important.
  3. The filter supports multi-stage filtration which clears all the waste from the aquarium. This kind of filtration also clears the water and everything is clearly visible.
  4. The monthly maintenance reminder relieves the user from keeping in mind the date of maintenance. The machine automatically reminds the users.


  1. The filter needs some rest after continuous use.

I would recommend you to use this filter because this is very useful. I found the device to be pretty good, during the testing period.

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