In this world of technology, we hardly get time. We have to work all the while to survive and hence it is very difficult and almost impossible to nurture our hobbies. I take great pride in finding people who still give a lot of importance to their hobbies and spend at least some time of the day doing those.

The fish hobbyists are ones among them. The best part is, there are companies like SUNSUN who are giving enough importance to their likings and developing products that are helping these people out.

Preserving the fish ecosystem at your own house is not a very easy thing to do. You do not get enough opportunity these days to even clear your house. When you have some a fascinating hobby you need to invest a considerable time in it. Now, If you fail to get the products that are most needed, You will be gravely dissatisfied with the effort you have put in. SUNSUN can thus be called a savior for a lot of fish hobbyists.

Now, If you fail to get the products that are most needed, You will be gravely dissatisfied with the effort you have put in. SUNSUN can thus be called a savior for a lot of fish hobbyists.

Origin Of SunSun:

SUNSUN is a China-based company and was started in the year 1985. The company has reached new heights. It specializes in manufacturing aquariums and other products to take care of fishes. There are several other pond equipment that is also being made by this particular company. This company has eight other subsidiary manufacturing companies. SUNSUN is known in the international market for the variety of products it nurtures and also because of the quality of the products. It has carried a good name for itself in the market.

The company is a distributor of aquariums and other products throughout 100 or more countries. The company is immensely popular in China and a lot of other countries. It is the one responsible for the good name that it has gained for itself.

The products it manufactures are long lasting and are brilliantly built. The company was called to be China’s Famous Brand by State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

Considering the kind of competition companies like this face, maintaining a name for itself becomes pretty tough if you are not doing your job well. This company hardly gives any scope to complain thereby maintaining its name and reputation.

There are a lot of competitions that this particular company participates in and makes a mark for itself. Its wide range of products also plays a good enough role in promoting its name in the international market. You can visit the official site of SUNSUN.

Discussed below are the products that this company produces and proudly owns.

Product Range From SUNSUN:

There are a diverse amount of products that are being manufactured by the company. The products are classified into certain groups. They are:


The company produces a wide range of aquariums that are usually very good to look at and are perfect for your fishes. They usually produce 4 to 5 kinds of aquariums. The aquariums are namely:

  •  Arowana Tanks
  •  Crystal Aquarium
  •  Acryl View Aquarium
  •  View Aquarium
  •  Bullet-Type Aquariums

Arowana Tanks:

Arowanas have always been of great interest for the fish Hobbyists. They are usually preserved in special tanks and kept away from other fishes. However, they have played a great part in enhancing the beauty of the aquariums.

SUNSUN produces a great range of Arowana Tanks and all of them look beautiful. You can always give their site a try if at all you would want to buy one.

Some brilliant features of these Arowana tanks are :

  1. They have a stylish appearance. These tanks are usually very good looking and follow a modern living concept.
  2. The transparency of the glasses is usually high. You will be able to see everything clearly.
  3.  There is a filter that is automatically placed at the bottom which makes the cleaning pretty easy and smooth.

Crystal Aquarium:

We know how great a crystal aquarium looks when we try to keep our priceless fishes in there. If you are concerned about the looks, this is the best that you can have. It is a visual delight to keep a crystal aquarium at your place provided you know how to maintain them. SUNSUN understands the love you have for this kind of aquarium and caters for quite a few.

Some irresistible features of these Crystal Aquariums are:

  1. This kind of aquariums looks into the matter of home furnishing and changes the view of your room.
  2. The head of the cylinder can be opened.
  3. The electricity consumption is pretty low.
  4. There is enough light in the aquarium.
  5. You can easily filter the aquarium from the top.

Acryl View Aquarium:

You find these kinds of aquariums in different shapes. These aquariums are generally made up of acryl that enhances the visual effects. We find quite some Acryl View Aquariums in the SUNSUN site.

Some features of the Acryl View Aquariums are : 

  1. They are very stylish to look at.
  2. They are very strongly built and can be used for a very long time.
  3. Mostly cylindrical in shape. You will find other shapes too.
  4. Acryl provides a crystal clear vision.

View aquarium:

These type of aquariums also come with significant features. Discussed below are few of them:

Features of the View Aquarium:

  1. This kind of aquarium looks sleek and fashionable.
  2. The lid can be opened.
  3. Filtration can be done from the top.
  4. Electricity consumption is really less.
  5. There is enough light.

Bullet Type Aquariums:

These kinds of aquariums are very strongly built and are different to look at.

Features of the Bullet Type Aquarium:

  1. The aquarium is built of aluminum and glass.
  2. This is slightly oval in shape.
  3. Looks different than the others.
  4. This is very strongly built.

Aquatic Equipment:

SUNSUN is a provider for all sorts of aquatic equipment. This equipment are usually loved by the fish Hobbyists as they help them in doing their work easily. The equipment that SUNSUN provides us with are:

Canister Filters:

We know what important a role the Best Canister Filters plays when it comes to fish tanks and cleaning them. We have hardly been aware of any other filter that does so much of Sunsun Canister Filterswork at the same time. These kinds of filters also play a good amount of role in keeping the water of your filter crystal clean.

Canister Filters are available both for saltwater and freshwater aquariums. These filters usually clean the water in a three-staged process. First, the impure water goes through mechanical cleaning, then biological and at last the water goes through a chemical cleaning.

This company also provides for a wide range of Canister Filters with advanced features. There are different Canister Filters that are manufactured by the same company.

Some major features of the SUNSUN Canister Filters are:

  1. There are different filters available that have different capacities. Whatever size your aquarium is, you do not have to worry.
  2. The aquarium follows three-staged filtration.
  3. The filter is equipped with features that make the filtration easier.
  4. There is hardly any noise produced by the machines.
  5. The motors are designed in a way that it controls maximum vibration.
  6. The built is strong and lasting.
  7. There are leakage controls installed in the system.
  8. The priming is easy and the machine does not take too much time to start.
  9. The parts are individually available and hence if a certain part is showing some problem you can always change it without changing the entire filter.
  10. The setup of the filter is pretty easy and does not involve too much time.
  11. It is extremely user-friendly.
  12. There are instruction manuals delivered with each packaging.
  13. The customer service is also great.

If you ask me, I would definitely recommend you to go for the SUNSUN Canister Filter. This will definitely bring a good change in your life.

This company also provides with submersible pumps and submersible filtration equipment. According to the reviews, these are also a brilliant addition and keep the reputation of the company. There are UV Filtration Pumps and Outside Filters that are also available. There are also wave makers and aquarium lamps that are available which are mainly used to make the aquarium look better.

Air and Water Pumps:

There are also a variety of Air pumps available which if put to good use can work wonders. The water pumps are also found in a wide range and have a lot of potentials.

SUNSUN also provides for a lot of gardening products like pool lights and etc. The products are really useful and are very hardy. You can use them for a long time and you will have to take no pressure maintaining it.

 Reviews Of SUNSUN:

As far as the reviews go, the users do not face much trouble with the products. There are some products which might not work well after prolonged use. There are certain complaints about leakages in the Canister Filter. These little things can be solved very easily if proper care is taken.

SUNSUN with its wide range of products does enough justice to the marine ecosystem preserves. They are playing a key role in keeping the fishes happy, healthy and good to look at. If we find such a great friend who will cater us with every other thing that we need, What more do we need!

SUNSUN vs. Cascade:

SUNSUN, a china based company has been working really hard since 1985 to make a mark in the industry and is successful in doing so. The products that SUNSUN produce are hardly given any chances to the users to complain about the articles. There are a lot of reasons that are valid enough for the growth and progress of this particular company.

One such successful product that this company has launched are canister filters. The SUNSUN canister filters are so great that they play a significant role in the progress of the company. We will discuss later in the article why these filters are making a mark in the industry.

Cascade as far as my knowledge goes is one of the best available in the market. People can account for their products. None of them seem to be too bad that they cannot be used. There are certain models that work brilliantly. The canister filters that Cascade produces are all working really well. If you compare a Cascade canister filter with any other canister filters, you will know what impact this company is making.

SUNSUN canister filter Vs Cascade canister filter:

  1. There are a lot of reasons that SUNSUN is making a mark in the hearts of the users. The SUNSUN filters are widely available and can filter aquariums of all sizes. Cascade canister filter are best to be used for filters of larger size. They cater to filter large volumes of water at one go and the circulation is also great.
  2. SUNSUN canister filters are easily portable and happen to be one of the handiest canister filters that are available in the market. Cascade canister filter in comparison are more in weight and not carried with ease by the users. Cascade also happens to filter for larger aquariums that make it larger in size than SUNSUN.
  3. The filtration process in both these canister filters is different. SUNSUN is known for its filtration process. SUNSUN clears the dirty water out of the filter in five stages while Cascade filters dirty water out of the aquariums in three stages. However, the first three steps that these filters follow are the same. They are the mechanical filtration, biological filtration and chemical filtration. These steps ensure that there are no known impurities left in the aquarium.
  4. SUNSUN is separated from the rest because it has a UV sterilizer that is hard to be found in any other canister filters. I have read several reviews about the kind of impact this UV sterilizer had on the aquarium. If you are a proud owner of some exotic fishes, This is something you should be having in your filter. What the UV sterilizer does is to kill all the harmful bacteria and algae that are there in your aquarium. This ensures that there are no harms caused to the fishes and plants that are there in the aquarium. Cascade is known for no such thing and happens to be one of the filters that follow a three stage process.
  1. Both SUNSUN canister filters and Cascade canister filters are known to be making no noise at all. They are both built in a way such that there is hardly any noise produced by them. This is a great attribute because none of the users will be disturbed by them. If the user has a little baby to be taken care of, she does not need to worry.
  2. The best part about Cascade filter is that it has an option do self- priming. It saves a lot of time of the users. The users do not have to take much trouble into making the system start. This is considered really helpful because it saves a lot of time. These days, if anything saves a little time we find it of immense importance. There is no such thing with SUNSUN canister filters and you have to give a little time to the machine while it is working.
  3. The setup of both the canister filters are easy and does not consume much time of the users. Now, the manufacturers make it a point to give an instruction manual with the packages that they send. These instruction manuals contain every answer to the questions the users might be having during the setup of the filters.
  4. Cleaning of the parts are easy in both and you do not have to take much trouble while maintaining. If you tend to face any kind of problem, you can simply call up the customer care service and inform them about the problem that you are facing.

These companies give importance to the users and your queries will be solved immediately without much delay. In case any part has to be changed, you can inform the customer care service. They will take care of all the problems.


If you are a fish hobbyist and you primary vision in life is to take care of your fishes that are very important to you, you should look for a canister filter that does enough justice to the time that you have been giving to the aquarium.

Preserving an aquatic ecosystem is not that easy as a lot of factors are needed to be taken care. The health of the fishes is one of the most important factors that you need to take care of.

There are a lot of ways in which you can take care of the exotic fishes that you own. But if you want to save time, you would probably want something that will do the job easily and with much precision. What can it be other than a canister filter?

A canister filter has been successful in doing your job with much ease and in a lesser time than you would do it.

There are many companies that are producing canister filters amongst which SUNSUN and Eheim are the leading companies. You know for which SUNSUN has been making a mark in the industry.

SUNSUN produces canister filters that have unique features and are hardly available in the other canister filters. The company started working in the year 1985 and since then it has been working really hard in making its name big. There is a wide range of products that are being made by SUNSUN.

SUNSUN makes products for gardens and their variety adds to be one of the most important reasons why it sells. There are truckloads of SUNSUN canister filters that are available in the market. The UV sterilizer is one of the features that is hard to be found in any other filters.

Eheim happens to be another leading manufacturer who is also making a mark in the industry. Eheim has worked really hard to reach this level and also makes it a point to keep up to its name. Eheim filters are making to the top list and with enough reasons. They are best ones to be found. The customer service also happens to be great.

SUNSUN vs Eheim Canister filters:

  1. Eheim canister filters are fit to be used for smaller aquariums while you can use SUNSUN for most of the sizes of aquariums available.
  2. Eheim canister filters are classy to look at while SUNSUN canister filters are designed just the way you need them to be.
  3. SUNSUN has a lot of models from which you can choose anyone you like and so does Eheim.
  4. The pro versions of Eheim filters come with a lot of good qualities. They have a lot of good features installed in them for the benefit of their users. SUNSUN also happens to be one of the best of its kind.
  5. Both the canister filters happen to be extremely silent and takes good care of the mood of the users.
  6. They both provide good customer care services which are incredible. You just have to register the problems and they will respond in no time.

I cannot be biased while giving an opinion when it comes to two filters that are equally great. I would rather suggest you to use them and make an opinion of your own.

SunSun Advantages:

The SunSun Company is a china based company that has been working wonders in the marine business since 1985. They produce a wide range of products that are strongly built and hardly face any kind of problems. The setup does not take too much time and it is extremely user-friendly.

SunSun has made a mark in the business due to a lot of advantages that are enjoyed by the users of SunSun. If you ask me, I would let you know about the best possible filtration system that is only installed in the SunSun filters. if we discuss the good traits you will know why you should have a SunSun filter at your place without much hesitance.

Some Advantages of the SunSun Canister Filters:

  1. The SunSun filters are usually not that huge in size. They cater to filter aquariums that not that huge in size and hence can be used by a lot of households for filtering advantages-imagestheir aquariums.
  2. The capacity is not that huge and can be used by most other aquarium owners. If you need a small and potent filter, this should be your choice.
  3. SunSun filters are extremely portable and can be carried from one place to another without much trouble. If you have a problem in carrying large sized filters this is the perfect one that you should use.
  4. The best part about SunSun filters are that it supports a five-staged filtration process. The filter makes sure that all the impurities are chucked out of the aquarium. This kind of filtration ensures that the exotic fishes and sea plants you own are perfectly safe and sound.
  5. There is an additional feature installed in this filter and that is a UV sterilizer. It is the job of a UV sterilizer to clear all the dangerous algae and bacteria from the aquarium. If you are fish hobbyists you would know what an important addition this is because the bacteria can cause some real harm to the fishes.
  6. No noise is produced by the system while it is at work. The case is such that is stops all the noise from getting out and annoying the users. If you and your baby are at sleep, this is surely not the reason you would wake up.
  7. The setup of this filter is pretty easy and can be done by anyone and everyone. You have an instruction manual provided by the manufacturers to help you in doing the work.
  8. The built is strong and cannot be destroyed easily. If the machine is being used for a long period of time, there might be certain problems with the covers.
  9. The parts are individually available and you do not have to worry too much if a single part is messy. You just have to replace it. This in itself is a great thing.

You will hardly find filters on the market that are as good as this one. This is the only filter that is equipped with a UV sterilizer and also clears the impure water following a five-staged process.

SUNSUN Disadvantages:

SUNSUN is a china based company that is known to many for the kind of product it offers and the service it provides to the customers. They produce a wide range of products and all of them are great to use. When talking about canister filters, SUNSUN has produced some brilliant ones. This happens to be one of the leading products of SUNSUN and it has done its best to make the product popular and useful.

SUNSUN canister filters as known to many are usually different from the others. They have this extra filtration stage unlike any other canister filter available in the market. It has been successful throughout the years in winning a lot of hearts. However, there are certain points why you might not like an SUNSUN canister filter. I am mentioning certain disadvantages herein in this article that might warn the users about the glitches they might be facing.

  1. SUNSUN is fit to be used for smaller aquariums hence, people with large sized aquarium can not afford to buy an SUNSUN canister filter. This will not serve them well and filter their aquarium properly. SUNSUN is appropriate for the households that use smaller aquariums.
  2. There are noises that come out of the aquarium after prolonged use. after a certain point of time, an SUNSUN canister filter makes a little noise because of the motors working and the vibrations of the same not being controlled properly by the motors.
  3. The intake and outtake plastics used by certain SUNSUN canister filters are very brittle and can be broken easily if not enough care is taken. You need to be very careful of those and use it with much care.
  4. The maintenance of these filters is very important. Once you do not maintain it well, It will show certain problems while being used. These days we are so busy with the schedule that we hardly get any time to maintain anything. If something needs some extra maintenance that is surely disadvantageous.
  5. The setup is not very easy as there are a number of steps that are to be followed if this canister filter is to be put in your place. Hence, even with an instruction manual, you might be facing certain kinds of trouble. You need to look keenly into something that will guide you how to fix this particular filter.

The filters are not supposed to work well if proper maintenance is not done and there are no service provided by the users. Most of the filters do not work after being used for a long time. All of these disadvantages can be taken care and not repeated.

However, SUNSUN happens to be a company that gives a lot of importance to the people that are using it. The customer care service is to be applauded. They do not leave any chance of complaining and responds to any kind of need as soon as possible. This happens to be one of the key reasons why this company has managed to reach this height.

SUNSUN filters that you need to avoid:

SUNSUN has been proudly carrying its name since long. It has reached new heights altogether. The company distributes marine products to almost 100 countries or more. All the products are strongly built and are known for all the good causes.

If you are an SUNSUN customer you would know what brilliant services they provide to all the users. There is a special feature that filters all the bacteria and algae from the aquarium that is hard to be found in any other filter apart from SUNSUN. This happens to be one of the best companies that are in charge of aquatic products.

Once such a huge responsibility on you, You would know what it takes to fulfill all the wishes and grants of the customer. There are certain glitches that one might find in the SUNSUN products but all of them can be treated by the experts. There are no such SUNSUN filters that you cannot use if you are taking care of your fishes. There are no such bad reports registered by anyone about the company and its filters.

You can easily get hold of an SUNSUN canister filter and use it without any trouble if you happen to take good care of it.