SunSun HW-302

SunSun HW-302 External Canister Filter – Review 2017!

When we are concerned about the ones we love and care about, we try to look for the best. The SunSun HW-302 External Canister Filter is the best that you can have for the betterment of your fishes.

At this point of time nurturing any hobby is extremely difficult as you are a total slave to time and your work. For the marine hobbyists, the work gets more difficult because they have to take care of a lot of fishes and other exotic sea-plants.

However, the work does not seem to be more difficult when you find the fishes really doing well. Once, You have a canister filter at your place the work is almost done. Canister filters are made in such a way that it helps to clean the aquarium properly leaving no impurities behind. SunSun HW-302 External Canister Filter is the best of its kind. A SunSun product can always be trusted while purchasing a top canister filter.

SunSun products hardly give you any scope to complain. They have a remarkable customer care service. If you even happen to be annoyed by a certain part that is not working well, you just have to inform them once. The customer service responds really fast which is an amazing trait.

A SunSun HW-302 External Canister Filter has a lot of features that helps it to win over a lot of hearts. It has reached this height due to a lot of reasons. The one most important are its features. Discussed herein are the features of SunSun HW-302 External Canister Filter that make it irresistible.

Some Important features of the SunSun HW-302 External Canister Filter:

  1. It is easily transportable and can be easily moved from one place to another.
  2. The capacity of this filter gives us enough reasons to brag. It can filter up to 75 gallon of water which makes it fit for aquariums that are not huge. Owing to the capacity, a lot of normal households can use this as a filter.
  3. This filter follows the three-stage process to clear out the dirt from the aquariums. The dirty water first goes through mechanical and biological filtration and then the chemical one. These steps are good enough to clear all the dirt from the aquarium and preserve your priceless fishes.
  4. There is hardly any noise produced by the motors which help in the working of the filter. The built and cover of the filter are such that it resists sound from percolating through the covers and disturbing the users. You will be awestruck by the silence it maintains.
  5. The built is immensely strong such that you can use it for a long period of time. There is hardly any chance of leakages.
  6. The circulation is around 264 GPH.
  7. There are three media trays and bio-balls that are delivered with the product.
  8. The product is delivered along with a user manual so that it is not difficult for the users to solve any problem they face by themselves.
  9. The customer service is incomparable. They hardly provide any chance to complain.
  10. The product primes itself and there is no way it can worry you.
  11. Along with all these features, it is also super easy to clean which is again mindblowing.

Capacity :

The capacity of this particular product is such that it is suitable for a filter that can be used by most of the households. This filter can filtrate about 75 gallons of water at one filter session. This makes it fit to be used by a lot of people.


This filter like most other canister filters follows a three-staged filtration method. Here, the impure or dirty water goes through three important types of filtration. The first one is the Mechanical filtration that clears out all the visible impurities.

The second is the biological filtration that clears out all the harmful nitrates. The third step is the chemical filtration that clears all the harmful and dangerous chemicals. After all of these steps, there are hardly any impurities left in the water to cause harm to the fishes.


The filter is designed in a best possible way possible. You will not come across any noise that is being produced by the machine while it is working. The motors hardly produce any vibration and is never the cause of disturbance for the users. It is remarkable as to how well this whole machine functions.


The whole machine and the manufacturers are both user-friendly. The user manual solves half of the problems by catering the users with useful answers. If in case, your machine suffers a problem, all you have to do is to inform the customer service team. They will respond as soon as possible.


There are no pieces of information about the warranty period. If you need information regarding the same, you can contact the manufacturers.

Pros And Cons Of The SunSun HW-302 Canister Filter:


  1. The capacity of the filter makes it usable and affordable by a lot of people looking for potential filters.
  2. The built is strong and is leakage proof.
  3. The circulation is impressive.
  4. There is hardly any noise produced by the filter. Even if it does, it is almost negligible.
  5. The impure water is filtered in three stages. You can scroll above to get a detailed information about the three.
  6. The machine is extremely user-friendly and is known for the same. You hardly have to worry about any good SunSun product. All of them come with brilliant customer care services.
  7. All the parts of the filter are individually available and you do not have to change the entire machine if a certain part shows as a  problem.


  1. There are complaints that the machine has a limited lifespan.
  2. The hoses are also seen to be problematic for few users.

There are hardly any filters found in the market as capable as this one. This is one of the best and is recommended by most of the professionals. 

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