SunSun HW-304B

SunSun HW-304B Best External Canister Filter-Review 2017!

SunSun HW-304B Canister Filter is the choice of fish hobbyists or the people who are extremely ambitious and emotional about their fishes and their well being will understand the need for a canister filter. You will often come across situations where you will find your aquarium dirty and messy.

If you are facing such kind of troubles, I would ask you to get a SunSun HW-304B External Canister Filter for yourself.

This filter is an absolute delight when it comes to usage. This filter will hardly throw tantrums and can work for a long time if maintained properly.

If we discuss the features you will be amazed at how qualified this particular item is. This has all the features that will keep your aquarium clean and the water clear as crystal.

This filter, developed by SunSun is one of its best discoveries. I also think this that this particular model should be owned by most of the fish hobbyists.

SunSun HW-304B External Canister Filter has been developed in the most intelligent way possible. The filter is equipped with a lot of features that makes the version superb. The best part is, you have a pro version available for this particular model which is great in itself.

The Features Of SunSun HW-304B External Canister Filter: 

  1. This filter can filter the aquariums up to 150 gallons. Considering the capacity, this filter is fit for aquariums that are huge in size. Thus, people with huge aquariums do not need to take too much trouble. You can trust this and try it once.
  2. The circulation of this particular model is 525 GPH which is pretty great.
  3. This model is handy and can be carried from one place to another without being much of a headache. This is a characteristic that needs to be applauded. For people like me, who cannot carry things that are heavy this filter is a boon.
  4. Like most other SunSun filters, this model has also been equipped with a UV sterilizer. What the UV sterilizer does is, it ensures that the harmful algae and bacteria are killed leaving the fishes in the tank healthy and clean. This is one feature that you will hardly find in any other models.
  5. The filtration process also includes the three stages of filtration that is followed by the models of other companies. The first stage being the mechanical filtration, where all the visible impurities are treated. The second stage being the biological filtration which ensures that the nitrates are broken down and the third stage is the chemical filtration where all the harmful chemicals are extracted from the aquarium.
  6. Another thing that the UV sterilizer does is, it cleans the water by killing the pathogens such that the things inside the aquarium are clearly visible. In that case, if you have some exotic fishes or sea plants inside your aquarium, they will all be clearly visible and will not acquire diseases easily.

TIP: You should check out the pro version of this model for some more features.

Features Of The SunSun HW-304B Pro Version:

  1. The pro version of this model is also as great as the normal version except for the fact that it has got some extra features.
  2. The model size is more or less same and is therefore very easily transportable. The best part about all the SunSun models is that they will hardly cause any kind of trouble for you.
  3.  SunSun HW-304B External Canister Filter has a pro filtration kit which is equipped with three packs of white filter pads. These filter pads ensure that the filtration is done is a way better way such that there are no visible or invisible impurities.
  4. This model also contains a blue coarse pad and 40 bio balls.
  5. 1lb. of Premium Filter Carbon and 1lb of Ceramic Rings are also updated in this version which separates it from the rest.

This pro version is one of the most intelligent and productive additions in the world of marine hobbyists. If you are anytime in need of a filter, you should definitely try this version out.


This filter and both its version are fit for aquariums that are comparatively larger in size. They can filtrate up to 150 gallons of water and are extremely good at their job. Keep this among your essentials if you are in dire need of a filter that is fit for large aquariums.


The process of filtration is not very similar to the others and this is the field where the SunSun canister filters are way better than the rest. It has the three common stages that are followed by all the canister filters. These stages are namely the mechanical, biological and chemical filtration.

Apart from these three stages, the filter has a UV sterilizer that kills all the harmful bacteria and algae. This particular feature is hardly found in any other canister filter.


There is hardly any noise created by any of the versions of this particular model. No SunSun models are heard of making any kind of noise that disturbs the users. If you are a peaceful sleeper who gets affected by any little noise while you are sleeping, you should definitely try out this model.


SunSun HW-304B External Canister Filter makes filtration look way easier than it is. The pro version is updated with a lot of tools that enhances the entire process.

You will find a user manual inside the package that will direct you as to how to setup the filter. The manual will make sure that you face no trouble at all. The language is as simple as it can be.

Even if you face any kind of trouble with the parts of the filter, you can call the customer care service for help and they will respond as soon as possible. I find their customer care service really helpful.


We have no information regarding the warranty of this particular product. What we advice the users to do is, to contact the manufacturers if you have to get any information regarding the same.

Pros and Cons Of The SunSun HW-304B Top External Canister Filter:


  1. This model is extremely transportable and hardly lets the users complain.
  2. This has a pro version which is updated with a lot of new and useful features.
  3. Both the versions, that is the normal and the pro does not make any kind of noise while the motors are working.
  4. The pro version has these ceramic rings that are used to cultivate useful bacteria in the aquarium.
  5. It is also equipped with premium filter carbon that clears the toxic organic waste and foul smell.


  1. The UV sterilizer might cause some problems if it is used for a prolonged period of time.
  2. Some of the consumers faced issues with the motors.

This model is one of the best in its field and you should definitely try out the pro version taking into count the health of your fishes. 

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