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SunSun HW-704B External Canister Filter – Review 2017!

SunSun HW-704B External Canister Filter is a perfect blessing for most of the fish hobbyists. If you ask me why I can provide you with truckloads of reasons that will compel you to get this particular filter for your aquarium.

If you are a marine hobbyist, all you want is a good and healthy atmosphere for your fishes. This filter ensures you the same.

Our schedules are so hectic these days that we do not have any time in hand to take some extra care for our pets. We should be grateful that there are some companies that manufacture certain products that are of our immediate use.

SunSun has always proven itself to be a very thoughtful helper. The SunSun HW-704B External Canister Filter is one of its most innovative inventions.

If we look into the reasons as to why this filter is making such a huge difference, we should look into its characteristics. The features of the SunSun HW-704B External Canister Filter makes it very difficult for the users to not buy it.

The best part of this filter is that it has a five stage filtration system which makes it better than most other filters in the market. Discussed herein are certain key features of the SunSun HW-704B External Canister Filter . 

Some Features Of The SunSun HW-704B External Canister Filter :

  1. The filter is averagely portable and is carried from one place to another without much hesitance. If you do not find a filter that is handy, it makes it difficult to carry out the work easily.
  2. The capacity of the filter is spectacular. It can filter for moderately large fish tanks. This particular filter can filtrate almost 150 gallons of water at one take. This is pretty impressive!
  3. This filter supports five-staged filtration which is not found in most other filters. The five-staged filtration ensures that there are no visible or invisible impurities left in the aquarium that might cause harm to the fishes. This is an innovative addition that is very useful. You will hardly find this kind of effective filtration anywhere else.
  4. The best part is that there is a UV sterilizer that is installed in the system which cleans the water from all the harmful bacteria and algae. These kind of impurities are hardly visible and hence is ignored by a lot of people. If you have any kind of exotic fishes or sea plants in the aquarium, this feature is very essential.
  5. The system is designed in such way that there is hardly any noise produced while it is working. The motors are designed in a way that it controls the vibrations and the cover stops unwanted noises from annoying the users.
  6. This filter can be easily cleaned without much hesitance.
  7. The parts are individually available which decreases a lot of pressure on the users part. If suppose a single part is showing a problem, you do not have to change the entire machine owing to that.
  8. The filter is extremely user-friendly and as far as the customer service of SunSun is concerned, it is incredible and gives you no scope to complain.
  9. The circulation is around 525 GPH.
  10. The built is robust and leakage proof. The sealing is done in the most intelligent way possible. The users will hardly face any trouble regarding leakage or breaking of a certain part.
  11. The electricity consumption is minimum and this filter is affordable.


The capacity of this filter is one of the key reasons as to why this filter is winning a lot of hearts. This filter is equipped to filtrate almost 150 gallons of water in a single chance. This particular quality makes the filter eligible to filter most of the aquariums.


This is one of the key reasons why this great canister filter has made it to the top list. Unlike other canister filters, this one practices a five-staged filtration process. There is an additional feature called the UV sterilizer that clears out all the harmful bacteria and algae from the impure water. The SunSun HW-704B External Canister Filter ensures that there are no impurities left to harm your beautiful and precious fishes.


The machine is so silent that it will surprise you. The motors hardly make any noise while working. There are vibrations that are controlled. There can be no possible means by which this particular filter will annoy or disturb its users. The cover works as a noise-resistant.

User-friendly :

Once it is a SunSun product, you will know how user-friendly it is. The user-manual works as a productive help. It solves all the problems that the users might be facing regarding the setup of the filter. This company provides an impressive customer care service. They will try solving your problem in no time once they are informed.


No information about the warranty of this product could be gathered by our sources. However, you can ask the manufacturers about the same.

Pros and Cons of the SunSun HW-704B External Canister Filter:


  1. This filter can be carried from one place to another with much ease.
  2. It supports a five-staged filtration system.
  3. An additional UV sterilizer cleans the water by killing the harmful bacteria and algae.
  4. It consumes very less electricity.
  5. The capacity is around 150 gallon at one chance.
  6. The leakage proof built stops any kind of leakage mainly during the cleaning.
  7. Maintenance is easy and can be done without much trouble.


  1. The system needs rest after continuous usage.

If you ask me, the advantages of this filter are way more significant than the disadvantages. This filter to me is a brilliant addition that will take care of your best possessions. Without much delay, try and use this one.

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