Best 2 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium Reviews

If you are thinking that the best 2 gallon fish tank is way too small to create the appropriate fish house or an eye-catchy centerpiece, then you are indeed underestimating the ability of a 2 gallon aquarium.

As, with the best 2 gallon fish tank kit on the market, you can literally turn your mini fish house into a mysterious underwater world.

ImageNameType Price
Fluval Spec 2 GallonSalt And Freshwater$$
Plen Plax PrismSalt And Freshwater$$
Koller CraftSalt And Freshwater$$
API 360 AquaviewSalt And Freshwater$$
Tetra 1.8 GallonSalt And Freshwater$$

In case, you are a beginner and want to start your fish keeping hobby, then this can be the most suitable choice for you.

 Benefits of Having The Best 2 Gallon Aquarium Kit

  • Easy to accommodate because of the small footprint.
  • Best for the beginners in terms of maintenance.
  • Affordable enough to start your fish keeping hobby.
  • A great gift for kids.
  • The appropriate size for keeping betta fish.

It’s true, that it is one of the smallest aquariums, but if you have the best 2 gallon fish tank kit, then the sky is the limit.

So, if you are planning to have a quality fish tank for the first time, or looking for an appropriate upgrade from a smaller fish bowl, then here, you will get the best five 2 gallon fish tank Reviews.

Do check it out, and read the reviews carefully to find the most suitable tank for you.

Best 2 Gallon Fish Tank Reviews – Top Kits Of 2017

Two gallon tank is a perfect starting point. It ensures you learn the basics of fish keeping and not also get hectic about it.

1. Fluval Spec Desktop Glass 2 Gallon Fish Tank Setup

The Fluval Spec 2 Gallon starter fish tank kit combines both useful functionality and style.
It is the best 2 gallon fish tank, you will find on the market, for decorating office desktops, dorm rooms, drawing rooms or to use it as a beautiful night lamp. Incorporated with all the necessary set of accessories, it also has the perfect housing for your aquatic lives.


  • Sturdy Glass made 2 gallon fish tank with molded cover.
  • 31 Led lights in a single unit.
  • Integrated with 3 stage filtration system.
  • The frosted glass covers the filtration system in the back.
  • Powerful circulation pump throws out 40 gallons water per hour.
  • Designed with brushed aluminum edges and added with a plastic cover.
  • Adjustable flow control allows more usability.
  • Added with a safe and low voltage transformer.
  • This kit comes with a 2 years of warranty.
  • The dimensions of the unit are 7.2 x 9.2 x 10 inches.
  • The weight of the kit is 7.5 pounds.


The fish tank is made of sturdy glass and the edges are designed with brushed aluminum. The lid is made of hard plastic. Clearly, this kit will be durable and provide with a leakage-proof housing.


A sleek round pendant of LED lights has been integrated on the top of the 2 gal. fish tank. This unit puts out a full spectrum of natural daylight. There are 31 LED lights adjusted in the pendant which altogether provides a brilliant illumination. The LED light unit is also ideal for growing plants.Fluval SPEC Desktop Glass Aquarium, 2-gallon

With the easy on and off switch, you can effortlessly adjust the lighting.


The 3 stage filter added in this 2 gallon tank helps in mechanical, biological and chemical filtration of the water. The filter unit is kept hidden in the back of the aquarium with the frosted glass and black background.

The porous foam block restricts large particles and debris from exposing into the water. The activated carbon absorbs all the unwanted chemical substances that create bad odors, and the Biomax insert enhances the nutrition level of the water and gives optimal colonization of beneficial bacteria.

Clearly, this will be the best two gallon fish tank filter for you.


 This 2 gallon aquarium filter is integrated with a powerful circulation pump that has the ability to pump 40 gallon water per hour through its output nozzle.


  • 3 stage filtration process cleans water thoroughly.
  • 31 LED lights for perfect illumination.
  • Powerful pump, pumps 40 gallon/hr.
  • Adjustable flow control.
  • Sturdy glass made housing.
  • Frosted glass for hiding the accessories.
  • 2 years of warranty.

Con: Aluminum edges block the view of the 2 gallon fish tank.

Fluval Spec 2 Gal Setup Process

Last Verdict:

As this unit comes with the exact choices of accessories to keep the aquatic lives thriving, we have selected it as the top pick of our best 2 gal. fish tank review list.

Also, for the beginners who are interested in starting their new fish keeping hobby and lack the proper know-how, this Fluval 2 gallon fish tank kit is the most suitable one to use.

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2. Penn Plax Prism Nano 2 Gallon Aquarium Kit

The prism-shaped nano 2 gallon aquarium from Penn Plax is integrated with a durable filter, LED lights and plastic lid, hence one of the best kits for the novices who want to set up their very first two gallon fish tank.
Penn Plax Prism Nano Aquarium Kit With Filter and LED Light, Desktop Size, Black, 2 Gallon


  • This 2 gallon aquarium is manufactured with sturdy glass.
  • Durable plastic lid incorporated on the top.
  • Quiet power integrated filtration system.
  • 18 bulb LED light unit.
  • Modern cube design with a black background.
  • It has the perfect shape to fit into small spaces.
  • The dimensions of this kit are 8.2 x 10 x 10.5 inches.
  • Total weight of the unit is 4.4 pounds.


 The fish tank is made of sturdy glass and the lid is of durable plastic. Hence, the entire housing will be a long lasting one.


The low voltage and safe LED light unit consists of 18 bulbs which provide with the perfect illumination to replicate the daylight.  In case you are keeping the tank some place where natural light comes in through the window, then no need to switch the LED unit on.


This kit from Penn Plax has been incorporated with a quiet power integrated filtration system.

The filter traps all the unwanted substances into it and provides the most suitable environment for the colonizing of beneficial bacteria. Also, it will give you the suitability of customizing your filtration needs by adding or removing the filter media.

Easiness Of use:

You can use this 2 gallon fish tank for betta fishes as bettas are the most suitable choice for smaller tanks. Maintaining this kit is also easy as the sturdy glass shows no signs of breakage even after a long term use. Just clean it with soft detergent and it will do well.


  • Sturdy glass housing with durable plastic lid.
  • Added with quiet power filtration system.
  • 18 LED bulbs for proper mimicking the daylight.
  • Easy to carry and accommodate.
  • Unique cube shape with a black background.

Con: It does not provide a seamless view.

Last Verdict:

 As rectangular fish tanks are pretty common, this unique cube shape of the Penn Plax 2 gallon aquarium will catch many eyes. Additionally, the incorporated accessories are very useful and essential to set up the tank properly. So I will definitely recommend you to have this 2 gallons of aquarium kit.

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3. KollerCraft TOM Deco 2 Gallon Fish Tank Kit

 This is one of the best 2 gal. fish tanks for displaying reefs. If you are a novice in the fish keeping hobby and want to start keeping reefs along with your fishes, then this review is worth reading for you.
KollerCraft TOM Deco Aquarium Kit, 2-Gallon

  • Acrylic made housing provides sturdier built than glass made tanks.
  • Added with dual reef fluorescent lamps.
  • 7400k daylight reflects on one half of the tank and the 14000k True Actinic blue light illuminates the other half of the tank.
  • The Rapids Mini Power Filter runs at a speed of 80 gallons/hr.
  • The dimensions of the unit are 11 x 8.3 x 7.4 inches.
  • This aquarium kit is of 4.1 pounds.


 This 2 gallon rectangular fish tank is made of acrylic which is 50% more sturdier and resistant-proof than any glass made fish tanks. Clearly, if you have kids or pets at your house, then this tank is the best one to invest in. Other than that it provides a leakage-proof housing with a seamless view.


The dual reef fluorescent compact light provides 7400k daylight on one part of the tank and the 14000k True Actinic blue light illuminates the other half of the fish tank. Clearly, creating an eye-catchy reef tank is effortless.


 The super efficient Rapids Mini Power Filter adequately aerates, oxygenates and removes unwanted substances from the water in order to make the tank safe for the aquatic lives. The powerful pump pumps 80 gallons of water per hour.

2 Gallon Fish Tank Ideas:

 The acrylic made aquariums are more leakage proof than the glass made ones, hence you can use it in several ways.

Although this tank is specially designed for keeping reefs, you can also stuff betta fish in it. Additionally, a 2 gallon aquarium can also be used as a planted or decorative tank.


  • Breakage and leakage proof housing.
  • Acrylic tank provides a seamless view.
  • Lighter in weight so easy to carry.
  • Shatter-proof design hence suitable if kids and pets are around.
  • Dual reef fluorescent bulbs.
  • Can be used as a 2 gallon betta fish tank or a reef tank.
  • Very efficient Rapids Mini Power Filter.
  • 2 gallon fish tank air pump.
  • Pump runs at a speed of 80 gallons per hour.

Con: The filter will not provide 3 stage filtration.

Last Verdict:

 Clearly, this kit comes with many useful features which are essential especially for the beginners, to have the perfect set up for a fish tank. Also, it has an affordable pricing, hence the kit is worth recommending.

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4. API 360 Aquaview 2 Gallon Round Tank Kit

The compact cylindrical shape of this 2 gallon fish aquarium will let you stuff both fishes and decorations while giving you a 360 degree view of the tank. Clearly, one of the best showpieces that you can have for your home, office or dorm room.
API Aquaview 360 Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting and Internal Filter

  • Acrylic made tank with a cylindrical shape.
  • The plastic lid is sturdy in nature.
  • The acrylic housing provides seamless 360 degree view.
  • The 7 different colored LED lights are very energy efficient.
  • Added with the Superclean 10 internal power filter and Bio-Chem Zorb 10 filter cartridge.
  • The dimensions of the fish tank are 10.2 x 10.2 x 10.5 inches.
  • It is of 3.1 pounds.


As the fish tank is made of acrylic and has a cylindrical shape, it will provide you with a seamless 360 degree view. The acrylic made housing of the tank is shatter-proof, impact-resistant as well as safe for your fishes.

The plastic lid is also sturdy enough. So overall it will be a durable kit for you.


As, this 2 gallon aquarium is seamless in nature, with perfect decoration and lighting, it will turn into a wonderful showpiece. This kit has 7 LED lights of different colors – aqua, green, blue, purple, red, white and amber.

These LEDs will incredibly contrast with betta fishes as the male bettas have vibrant fin-colors. It is always recommended to keep a single Betta fish in 2 gallon tank.


The Superclean 10 internal power filter cleans and purifies the tank water by eliminating all the undesirable substances.

And the research-grade Bio-Chem Zorb 10 resin-carbon filter cartridge keeps the organic aquarium pollutants like odors, heavy metals, colors, and toxic gasses away from the tank water. So that your 2 gallon fish tank fish can swim freely.

Easiness Of Use:

As the fish tank is made of acrylic, you will get a complete shutter-proof, leakage-proof and impact-resistant housing. Clearly, it will be the best fish tank of 2 gal. for those who have kids or pets at their houses.

Also, the unit is very light in nature, hence portability will be a breeze.


  • Compact cylindrical shape.
  • Impact-proof housing with extremely light-weight.
  • Leakage-proof acrylic body hence best fish tank of 2 gallon
  • Powerful Superclean 10 filter with Bio-Chem Zorb 10 resin-carbon filter cartridge.
  • 7 different colors of LED lights.
  • Seamless 360 degree view.
  • Cheap 2 gallon fish tank kit.

Con: The filter is not capable of 3 stage filtration.

Last Verdict:

The unique shape and the seamless view of the two gallon fish tank will give an aquarist the perfect display to showcase his hard work. Other than that this kit is equipped with all the essential features and accessories which make it the best 2 gallon aquarium to invest in.

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5. Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit

The Tetra 1.8 gallon kit comes with a stunning globe aquarium with a soothing waterfall, that just doubles the beauty of your aquarium. So, if you are looking for the perfect housing for your betta fish or a centerpiece that will attract any visitor, then in both cases this globe aquarium is the right choice for you.
Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit

  • 1.8 gallon glass made sturdy glass aquarium is perfect for office desktops, homes, and dorm rooms.
  • The glass magnifies whatever inside it, hence gives you a clear 360-degree view of the aquarium.
  • The waterfall is very quiet and serene.
  • Continuous water flow in the aquarium keeps your fishes active.
  • Added with the Tetra Whisper 3i filter, based on a cartridge.
  • The filter is driven by a pump.
  • Easy to switch on and off the 8 bright LED lights.
  • The dimensions of the aquarium are 12 x 10.8 x 13.5 inches.
  • It is of 10 pounds.


 The globe aquarium is made of thick handblown glass. Clearly, the thickness of the globe makes the unit durable for a longer period, as it will have the ability to resist impact on the long run.


The 8 LED lights incorporated in this kit are very soothing at night, as they adequately replicate the moonlight. These lights can also help in increasing the growth of your underwater plants.


The kit is incorporated with the Tetra Whisper 3i filter that is based on a cartridge. It is a pump driven filter but runs very quietly. All you can hear is a faint hum while standing within the 3 – 4 inches of the aquarium if there is a dead silence in the room.


Though the waterfall is very small, it largely helps in keeping the water from being stagnant. This creates a natural environment for your fish as the current keeps the fish active.


  • Thick glass made globe aquarium.
  • Waterfall keeps the water running.
  • The powerful filter runs on a pump.
  • 8 LED lights replicate the moonlight.

Con: As the base of the globe aquarium is of 4-5 inches, you cannot stuff with many plants.

Last Verdict:

Other than turning heads, with the aesthetic beauty of this waterfall globe aquarium, you can have many useful features to keep your fish happy in its incredible home. Also, the dimensions of a 2 gallon fish tank do not have much difference with this globe of 1.8 gallon, hence you can stuff it like the former one.

So, I will definitely recommend you to have this stunning aquarium kit.

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PS: All of the above product are of good quality and you can select any of the best 2 gallon fish tank after reading the reviews.