Betta Fish Tank

Proper betta fish tank are really hard to find as the efficiency of the fish tank to keep your betta thriving, is something that, not all manufacturers can master.

Luckily, some of the top models of betta fish tank have been introduced lately by the manufacturers which will not only give you an awesome showpiece but also will be appropriate for your beta’s health.

Here you will get the top 7 list of those tanks, which I assure you, are the best in the market right now. But before that must have a look on the features that will make a fish tank suitable for your betta.

Must-Have Features In Beta Fish Tanks:

Proper Ecosystem:

As bettas are really sensitive to environment change having the ability to maintain a proper ecosystem for the betta fish tanks are a must.

3-Stage filtration:

Bettas are not messy but to protect your fish from harmful substances it is preferable to have a 3 stage filtration system to clean the water biologically, mechanically and chemically.

Self Cleaning Ability:

 If your fish tank has the ability to clean itself automatically, then it will be perfect for your betta, as it will allow you to disturb the ecosystem as less as possible.

Appropriate Lighting:

Lighting is crucial to keep a betta thriving. The perfect replication of the day and night will make your betta feel comfortable.

Best Betta Fish Tanks Review

1. EcoQube Aquarium – Desktop Beta Fish Tank

This beta fish tank from EcoQube is the best 2 Gallon aquarium that you can avail in the market and when I mean the best, I have facts to back my sentence.

EcoQube Aquarium - Desktop Betta Fish TankIt can literally amaze you with its abilities and really useful features. And if you are looking for the awesome betta fish tank for your living office or for your home, then definitely your search ends here.


EcoQube has brought the most exciting features in this small tank, which every betta fish lover will undoubtedly appreciate. But apart from that, it has other lavishing offers too which make this tank worth buying.

It has the below features-

  • This 2 Gallon tank is a handmade product protected with ironclad and flame polished. Also, it is a complete glass-free kit, so absolutely accident-free if kids or pets are around.
  • Impact resistant housing, with durable, built, to last for years.
  • This cute betta fish tank is beautifully designed to match any décor and housing. Easy to use features and self-cleaning ability are also there for you.
  • This is the best beta fish tank starter kit that you can even gift your children.
  • The kit includes integrated Aquaponics filter, aquarium mountain stone, aquarium sand decoration, wireless remote control, glass cover, basil seeds and customizable Led full spectrum hue lights.
  • The unique filter of this best tank for betta fish uses Aquaponics technology to water the basil plant and to feed your betta fish.
  • You will never need to change the filter as it is a self cleaning betta fish tank. Also, it is preferable to not to change the water of this EcoQube beta fish tank as it has its own small ecosystem.
  • All you have to do is to just add the seeds and the fish, then everything will be done by this filter, or you can control it remotely.
  • The best part of this betta fish tank with filter is that it has been backed with a 1-Year warranty period. So, if anything breaks within the 1st year, it will be replaced by the company without questioning.
  • This cube beta fish tank has the dimensions of 8 x 8 x 8 inches.
  • Total weight of the tank is 12.1 pounds.
Last Verdict:

I don’t think, I have to exaggerate much as the features this tank has obviously make it one of the worth buying betta fish tanks in the market.

Also, not all fish tanks are backed by 1 Year warranty period by the manufacturer. So grab it, before it washes out from the online stores.

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2. Fluval Spec III 2.6 Gallon Cool Betta Fish Aquarium Kit

At the second place, we are placing the Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit which is one of the coolest looking betta fish tanks power packed with useful features.

Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit, 2.6-GallonIf you are looking for cute betta fish tanks to complete the décor of your house or office cubicle then, you can seriously buy this kit. Trust me, it is a perfect fit.


If you are an advanced level aquarist, then probably you know the fact that not all tanks for betta fish available in the market are truly for betta fish. But with this Fluval Spec III Aquarium kit, functionality comes guaranteed.

Some of the feature this aquarium includes:

  • The tank has a durable body made with etched glass and aquarium trim. Also, the compact design and size are the other reasons you will love this betta aquarium.
  • The beautifully designed overhanging lighting system includes 31 powerful Led lamps, which arches above the tank to give the underwater a mysterious illumination.
  • Also, the inclusion of the filter with the pump make this kit one of the top rated betta fish tanks available in the market.
  • The powerful circulation pump with adjustable output nozzles gives your tank water the proper mixture of oxygen so that your fish remains in a good health.
  • The 3 stage filter with three filter medias- a porous foam block included with a convenient handle, activated carbon and bio max bio rings help in deep cleaning by filtrating the water through 3 processes- biological, mechanical and chemical.
  • To simplify the maintenance of this one of the best quality betta fish tank the filter is located in a separate chamber.
  • The total dimensions of the product are 8.7 x 10.8 x 11.8 inches.
  • The weight of the entire kit is 10.1 pounds.
Last Verdict:

Undoubtedly this is a complete kit from Fluval Spec for your betta fish, so if you are planning to settle your buying decision to this tank, I will not be surprised at all.

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3. Tetra Water Wonders Aquarium Kit

 Are you looking for a Nano beta fish tank which can be carried and adjusted to literally anywhere? Then you are reading the right review. This Aquarium kit from Tetra includes 1.5 Gallons of tank which is undoubtedly the best size available in the market to keep your betta.

Tetra Water Wonders Aquarium KitFeatures:

There are in actual a number of cool fish tanks for betta fish are available but cuteness is restricted to this tank only. Also, the features are undoubtedly satisfactory.

This fish tank includes the below features-

  • The aquarium is made of acrylic which is an impact resistant housing and unbreakable too. So, if you are moving every now and then or keep replacing the tank from its place, this kit is a perfect fit.
  • Also, you will get a clear underwater view as the aquarium has a rimless view, unlike any glass made beta fish tank.
  • The kit is completely equipped with instant set up. All you have to do is to just add the fish in the water.
  • The whisper internal filtration is incorporated with easy to replace BioBags that will keep your tank crystal clear.
  • The low voltage LED lights to save power consumption, but perfectly capable of illuminating every corner of the fish tank.
  • The single low voltage power cord solely powers both the Led light and the filter.
  • A TetraCare aquarium guide is given with the pack
  • The dimensions are 8.1 x 9 x 11 inches.
  • The total weight of the kit is 6 pounds.
Last Verdict:

If you are a frequent traveller, or you have a really small space to accommodate a fish tank, then this kit from Tetra is your perfect fit. No doubt, this is one of the most useful betta fish tanks to have so, buying this will actually be a great decision.

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4. KollerCraft API Aquaview 360 Aquarium Kit

In this 3 Gallon aquarium from KollerCraft, you can keep any fish but the reason behind we picked it on our list, is its features which are really useful for keeping bettas.

API Aquaview 360 Aquarium Kit with LED Lighting and Internal FilterAlso, it is one of the most beautiful betta fish tanks that provides a 360-degree view and an appropriate home or office decorating accessory.


KollerCraft has really manufactured a worth mentioning fish tank with various useful features, which make it the best fish tank for a betta fish.

The features this tank includes-

  • The fish tank is made of crystal clear and impact-resistant acrylic, which has no rims to obstruct the view of the fish tank. Also, it eliminates any chance of leaking as because of the absence of the glued seams.
  • The Superclean 10 internal power filter has the ability to clean the tank water deeply at a speed of 45 Gallons per hour.
  • Also, this tank has the best research-grade Bio-Chem Zorb 10 resin-carbon filter cartridge which successfully removes any kind of organic aquarium pollutants like odours, toxic gases, colours and heavy metals.
  • There is an energy efficient full hood LED lighting system which offers seven colours including green, purple, red, amber, aqua, blue, and white.
  • The perfect illumination of these lights will help your plants and fishes to grow healthy.
  • This kit is absolutely easy to assemble and comes with fish food and water care starter products.
  • The total dimensions of this product are 10.2 x 10.2 x 14.5 inches.
  • The total weight of the product is 4.8 pounds.
Last Verdict:

KollerCraft has made one of the most useful betta fish tanks, which has all the essential features that an aquarist will need for instant set up, so if you are thinking to stick to this option and start keeping a betta fish soon then go ahead and grab this awesome fish tank.

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5. Penn Plax Vertex Aquarium Kit 2.7 Gallon

This 2.7 Gallon aquarium from Penn Plax is undoubtedly one of the cool betta fish tanks available in the market because it has a unique looking shape about which we will discuss in the feature.

Penn Plax Vertex Aquarium Kit for Fish and Shrimp With Filter, Thermometer, Desktop Size 2.7 GallonBut apart from that, it has all the crucial features which make it a worth buying aquarium kit for any novice.

  • Nothing can beat this new bent glass feature of this tank which gives it an unusual look. The frameless view with bent glass housing will definitely turn many heads towards your fish tank.
  • There is a plastic hood which is very easy to open and perfect while feeding your betta.
  • This 2.7 Gallon aquarium can be kept anywhere, including, desk, cubicle, dresser, small spaces etc.
  • It is all ready to set up as it consists of a hang on, water filter, digital thermometer and a fish net.
  • The hang on filter has an adjustable flow setting so that your tank gets cleaned properly.
  • The total dimensions of the fish tank are 8.4 x 9.8 x 10 inches
  • The kit 6.8 pounds in weight.
Last Verdict:

Penn Plax has introduced a unique shaped aquarium made with bent glass to give you a clear view of the fish tank. Also, it has no chances of leakage, like other glass made betta fish tanks where they have glued seams.

Not only that, it is also equipped with all the needed equipment, so for a novice, it will be a perfect buy.

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6. Tetra 3 Gallon 29095 Cube Aquarium Kit

Tetra is a well-known brand which manufactures a number of aquariums, water filters, filter medias, pumps etc. This 3 Gallon cube-shaped aquarium from Tetra is no doubt one of the cheap betta fish tanks available in the market yet with all the essential kits.

Tetra 29095 Cube Aquarium Kit, 3-GallonThis kit is a perfect gift for any child or a betta fish beginner as it comes with an easy to install setup and all you have to add is the fish.


The exciting panoramic view this beta fish tank provides makes it suitable for using it as an excellent showpiece in offices, dormitories, classrooms, and drawing rooms.

Some of the features it includes-

  • It is the perfect starter kit which fits literally anywhere because of its smaller footprint.
  • The tank is made of seamless acrylic which is impact-resistant in nature, so clearly, this tank will be suitable for any space.
  • This tank is appropriate for those who need this tank to remove from its place every now and then, as the acrylic made tanks are lighter in weight and also there will be no chance of breakage.
  • The sleek design of the tank also includes a Tetra(R) 3i filter which will keep your tank safe from any unwanted harmful substances to provide you with the perfect underwater environment.
  • Tetra Whisper Bio-Bag Small Cartridge is added with the tank.
  • The hood is made of plastic completely, so any chance of breaking and shattering is successfully eliminated.
  • The LED light fixed on the hood will illuminate every corner of the tank properly.
  • A convenient feeding hole is there to feed your fish timely and also to clean the tank whenever required.
  • The tank has a pedestal base.
  • A setup guide is coming with this tank.
  • The total dimensions of the tank are 10.5 x 10 x 10 inches.
  • The kit is 5.5 pounds in weight.
Last Verdict:

Tetra has always given quality products to its customer and this 3 Gallon fish tank is also an appropriate one if you wish to keep a betta fish in it. In case you are a beginner and want a complete kit to set up your aquarium, then also this fish tank kit from Tetra will be a perfect buy for you.

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7. Aqueon Kit Betta Falls

Are you looking for a head turning aquarium for your office, house or any private place? Then this cascading waterfall featured fish tank from Aqueon will leave you amazed.

Aqueon Kit Betta FallsFeatures:

Your betta will be far too happy to have such a beautiful underwater environment to swim. This is undoubtedly one of the coolest looking fish tanks in the market that you can use to enhance the beauty of your surroundings.

Some of the features it has-

  • It has a durable glass made housing and you can keep 3 bettas in each of the compartments.
  • All the compartments are uniquely curved and the frosted panels between these prevent the bettas from seeing each other so that they stay calm and happy in their environment.
  • The quiet flow power filtration with the given cartridge keep the water deeply clean.
  • The dimensions of the tank are 16.9 x 11 x 11.4 inches.
Last Verdict:

This is an awesome tank to have which will turn any environment beautiful. It can be also used as a night lamp in your bedroom. Also, this kit from Aqueon comes at a really affordable price and having this tank for decorating your place or keeping bettas will be appropriate.

So, I will definitely recommend you to buy this one of the stunning betta fish tank available in the market.

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