How To Clean Betta Fish Bowl? A Complete Guide

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Betta fish is loved by adults and children. They require a small betta tank, which makes the maintenance process pretty easy. This is the reason why small fish bowls become a great gift for children and even adults as a birthday gift.

However, you might also like to share this article with them so that they know the exact steps about how to clean a betta fish bowl. When you take a betta fish as a pet, it never bothers you. The easy care of the fish and the comfortable cleaning takes not more than 15 minutes.

But, it is also true that you need to be familiar with the cleaning process in order to complete the task quickly and perfectly at the same time. With the guidance provided in this article, even children can complete the task of cleaning the betta fish bowl.

How to Clean Betta Fish Bowl? 

The cleaning portion is easy but a delicate one, because the bowls are much more fragile than the full fledged tanks, due to their shape. You should also take care to work carefully with wet hands as there are more chances of slipping them out through your grips.

1) Collect All The Supplies

To start cleaning, you first need to collect all the required supplies. You need three main items:

  • A bottle brush
  • Small fish net
  • Fresh water
  • A small bowl

It would be better to keep the fresh water in a jug for one night. This will bring the temperature of the water to the right levels. This way, your betta fish won’t get shocked. However, the pH level of the water can also affect the betta fish. Hence, it would be wise to buy ‘Betta Water’.

The water doesn’t require too much cash, but it provides a suitable environment for your betta fish. You can test the pH levels of your tap water and then decide whether to go with the purchase or not. 

2) Transfer The Fish

You need to remove the fish from the fish bowl. For this, you can use a small fish net and collect the fish in the other container. Make sure you cover the container, so that, the fish can’t jump out to hurt itself. Use a small piece of paper or another thing to cover the container. 

3) Remove The Accessories From The Bowl

The fishes are out of the tank. Now, you can start removing the decorative items from the tank. You can collect these items in a bowl. The decorative items also require cleaning, so collecting them in a bowl would be a better idea. So, collect all the accessories in a plastic bowl to make the further process easier. 

4) Get Rid Of The Dirty Water

The fish bowl now has dirty water in it. Tilt the bowl slowly to pour out the dirty water. If you have pebbles in your bowl, make this process as slow as possible. Use your hands to hold the pebbles when the dirty water is going out. The pebbles can be a little heavy, so you need to take proper precautions. Take the bowl to the sink first, hold it carefully, and slowly pour out the water. 

5) Take The Pebbles Out

Now, you can pour out the pebbles in the plastic bowl with all the other accessories. To start the cleaning process. 

6) Clean The Bowl And Accessories

You can start the cleaning process with the accessories and pebbles. Use a bottle brush, mild dish soap and water to clean them. Make sure that the soap is safe for the wildlife. There are special cleaning soaps available in the market that you can use.

For the pebbles, you need hot running water. You need to use your hands to remove the slime and betta food remains from the rocks. For the bowl, you can clean it by using running water and a bottle brush with your hands.

Make sure you remove all the shards of rock before wiping the bowl. The shards can cause damage to the bowl. Once, you have cleaned everything, put the pebbles and accessories back in the bowl. Finally, you can take the jug with the betta and pour it slowly into the fish bowl. Make sure that the sediments of debris and dirt in the jug don’t reach the fish bowl. 

Helpful Ideas: 

There are times when you might consider to upgrade to a better system as they consume much less time to maintain but keeping the aesthetic beauty the same.

1) Avoid Hassle With Self-cleaning Tanks

If you are a lover of betta fish, self-cleaning tanks can become a marvelous choice. They get cleaned on their own. 

2) Upgrade To 5-Gallon Aquarium

For the people who want have wider fish choices, a 5-gallon aquarium can become a great choice. They are easier to clean and requires less maintenance if you setup a low tech planted tank as it will give rise to an ecosystem of its own.

These tanks will allow you to include fishes that you desire to have as a pet. Hopefully, the steps and tips will help you keep the beautiful pets in your home. Make sure you follow the steps respectively to achieve quality cleaning results.

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