5 Crazy Things You Don’t Know Your Fish Can Do

Written by Dennis

So, you think, you know your pet fish well?

I am soon going to change your mind just keep reading.

Fishes are often considered as dumb animals; having no proper thinking pattern and swimming here and there in the water for no reason. At least some of the non-aquarists tell me so, who instead, prefer dogs and cats as highly intelligent pets.

Well, no offense. Dogs and cats are really intuitive and can be great pets but fishes are the best to have. Not only because they are less demanding but also they are smarter than you think.

A recent study by Culum Brown of Macquarie University in Sydney, published in the journal Animal Cognition has suggested that fishes have higher cognitive thinking than previously assumed. They can remember things or your face even after years of separation.

Fishes have tradition and when they swim in schools, the groups have elders who have passed some of the traditions to the younger to take care of. Cooperation and reconciliation are other social norms that fishes strongly follow in their groups.

Do you know that your fish can even figure out how to release the food from the automatic fish feeder?

However, these are just on the tip of the iceberg but the catch is yet to come.

Here are 5 Crazy things your fish is capable of doing.

How About A Limbo Dance With Your Fish?

Yep, I am not drunk and talking with all my senses. You can actually make your fish go under the limbo pole with music on. Many aquarists have already trained their pets to do this. However, you need patience and have to be persistent in training your fish to do that.

But to make your fish, go under the limbo pole, you need to increase attachment with it. So start feeding it with your fingers in the water so that it can have a good connection and understand that the fingers are friendly because ‘I get food each time they appear.’

Wanna Make Your Fish A Basketball Player?

 Haven’t you seen pictures of goldfishes playing basketballs on the internet? There are plenty!

You can actually buy an entire fish school kit with which you can make your fish do any trick and it is obviously not a rocket science. All you need is to reward your fish on each step of accomplishment. Remember at the first place, your fish will not know what you want it to do.

So, decide the plan, and start with small and segmented steps. Each time your fish follow your instructions, bribe it, otherwise, it will not know that it is doing a good job. Also, check the quality of the kit, as there are certain metals which increase the pH level of the water hence harmful for your pet.

A Kiss From A Goldfish Is Priceless

I will not lie. This trick is a bit difficult but not impossible as fishes can be trained to kiss. You can train your fish to jump out of the water and kiss you on the cheek and then go back into the water again. Try baby steps to accomplish the mission.

At first, start feeding with your fingers a little bit higher than the water level and make the fish jump a bit. Doing this practice daily and increasing the height slowly will let the fish, to get habituated with the outside environment.

Soon, you will be able to direct it towards your cheek by rewarding it in each step. Remember not to force your fish to do this, if it feels reluctant as fishes have moods too (and it swings).

Your Fish Wins By 2-0 Goals!

I know you are going crazy by now and can’t believe, what I am saying but trust me your fish can also play soccer. With the right amount of training, you can make your fish to take the ball directly towards the goal post. Also, this trick is very easy to do as there are no obstacles or hurdles to go through, you just have to take your fish straight to the goal post.

Once, your fish is trained enough, to do the task, you will notice that it will try to improve itself, as now your pet know what you want it to do and it will get its reward after the completion.

Hoops Are Not Only For Girls

But for fishes. The best and most popular trick that animals do is jumping through the hoops. Fishes can be trained to swim through hoops as many as possible if your fish is having fun with it also. But for the start try with three hoops.

This trick creates huge excitement among the kids and if you have any, or soon you are expecting visitors at your place then no doubt this is the best trick to entertain them.

Points To Note While Training Fish

  • It’s important to gain the trust of your fish.
  • In case, your fish is afraid of any alien object in the tank you insert, then don’t repeat.
  • If your fish is reluctant to follow your instructions, do not force it.
  • For better results always keep the school kits out from the tank when training is over.
  • Always use good quality kit.
  • Keep track of the feeding as chances are you will overfeed while training.


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