How To Take Care Of Dwarf Gourami Fish?

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A gourami fish is the best choice for those aquarists who have only the suitability of keeping and maintaining a 10 – 20 Gallons of aquarium. Not only this fish has a very easy level of care taking process but also has a miniature size.

If you have a pygmy gourami, then probably you know that they can grow up to only a size of 3.5 inches and maintaining them is effortless. But, you should always remember that proper maintenance is required to keep your fish healthy no matter how hard or easy the caring procedure is.

Dwarf Gourami Care:

Gourami fish care is easy because, this fish is very hardy in nature and native to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh where they can be found in comparatively steady waters like ponds, canals, streams and lakes.In total three

In total three types of gourami fishes can be found easily:

  • Red Flame
  • Green
  • Powder Blue Gourami

Sexing the Gouramis:

Usually, you can buy these fishes in a pair. To identify the sexes, you need to look at the dwarf gourami size and color. The female dwarf gourami is comparatively smaller and less vibrant than its male counterpart.

It is very easy to differentiate them through their sizes as females can grow only up to 2 – 2.5 inches where the males are of 3 – 3.5 inches.

Behavioral Pattern:

This fish is very shy in nature, and you can find them hiding most of the time. they are community fishes, but while kept with active fishes, it becomes shyer.

So it is preferable to keep them with same species. Gouramis also show territorial behavior at the time of breeding and keeping more than one male can lead to massive fights.

Setting Up The Tank:

You can keep your gourami in a 10 Gallons of fish tank, but when keeping a pair, it is always preferable to keep them in a 20 Gallons of aquarium. Also, the temperature of the tank must be within 72 – 82-degree F.

To keep the temperature in control you can use a heater. Or, in case you are living in a hot weather, then to keep the temperature stable in the tank, you can add some vegetation.

On the other hand, as this fish is native to the Asian ponds, streams, canals and lakes, it loves thick vegetation and floating plants. So decorating your tank with heavy vegetation and moderate lighting is a must.

You can also provide your gouramis with places to hide and while choosing blue gourami tank mates, never keep betta or guppy fish with it, as it shows aggressiveness while kept with a fish of similar physical resemblance.

Also if you are planning to keep them in a community tank, do not forget to take a tank as big as a 50 Gallons as it will give them enough space to make their own territories.


They are omnivorous in nature and happy to eat small algae, invertebrates, and plant material. To keep your gourami healthy, you can feed it with high-quality flake food, frozen foods, live foods like blackworms, bloodworms, daphnia and brine shrimp.


As these fishes are bubble nest builders, the best way to trigger breeding or spawning is to separate the male and the female for a while, but make sure they can see each other.

You can replicate this situation by a tank divider. Now take a separate tank and add nothing in the bottom. But do add heavy vegetation. After that keep both of the fishes in that second tank and increase the temperature.

It will finally trigger spawning and you can breed gouramis successfully. Although keep a weather eye on the pair, as during the fertilization of the egg the female may get injured by the male.

Dwarf Gourami Disease:

Dwarf Gourami Iridovirus or mostly known as DGI is a dangerous disease that can affect your dwarf gourami. The worst part of this bacterial infection is that in some cases the symptoms show months and years after the attack that leads the fish to its death.

To protect your fish from this fatal disease, the best thing you can do is to keep your tank crystal clean without removing the beneficial bacteria. To, do so you can take the help of the best canister filters available in the market which will filtrate the tank water efficiently.


  • What is the ideal size of the gourami fish tank?
  • 10 Gallons per Gourami.
  • What is the average gourami lifespan?
  • 4 – 5 years if kept in a healthy environment.

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