How To Take Guppy Fish Care In Easy & Affordable Manner?

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Guppy fish care is really easy and affordable. This fish has a great fan following among the aquarium hobbyists because of its incredible physical brilliance which is why this fish is often called as rainbow fish.

This tropical fish is the native to the northeast South America, though they are highly adaptable in nature and can easily thrive in any environmental condition. That is why keeping guppies in your aquarium will consume less time and money too.

Below I am giving you a small overview of the caring procedures of this fish so that you can increase its lifespan effortlessly.

Aquarium Condition For Guppy Fish Care:

There are so many types of guppy fish are available in the market that you will literally get confused about which one to choose, although all of guppies need same care. These fishes are social in nature so they can easily fit into a community tank. If you are thinking of a non-breeding tank than a few number (3 – 4) of the male is enough for your 5 gallon fish tank like these.

But if you are thinking of breeding them then it is highly recommended to use a 10 gal. one, and to put the fishes in the ratio of 3:1 where he females will be thrice in number than the males.

Other than that the aquarium should be well-filtrate as I mentioned in my every blog post. Proper filtration is essential for the good health of your fishes. The pH level of the water should be between 6.6 – 8.5 and the temperature is preferable between 65 – 80 degrees F.

If your room temperature is below that then obviously the use of heater will be marvelous. Also adding some plants and gravels will increase the beauty of the tank and also help in guppy fish care.

Guppy Fish Food:

These fishes are omnivorous so feel free to feed anything. The high quality flake food available in the market is also affordable, so you can feed them that also. Or if you are planning to feed them vegetables, then you can try small medallions of zucchini, cucumbers, green leaves etc.

They love frozen and live bloodworms, blackworms, brine shrimp etc. as these fishes are livebearer it is recommended to feed the females a balance diet food.

How To Breed Guppies?

These fish has given the name million fish which is not any lovey-dovey name rather it has given because of their aggressive reproduction. It is hardly difficult to breeding guppies as the males are always in the mood to chase the females which sometimes result in the death of the females. And hence can cause a roadblock in caring for your guppies.

That is why I have suggested earlier that to keep the males in a lesser amount than the females, as then the attention of the male will not be limited to only one. If you add thrice numbers of females in respect of one male, in a school of males, then getting guppy fish babies will be easy as breathing.

Though guppy fish breeding is easy but keeping the fry alive is tricky as after the birth of them the males will eat the little ones, so I will always recommend you to use a breeding trap for getting healthier babies.

You can feed ground flake foods to the babies until the moment they grow up and then you can reunite them with their parents to make your guppies feel cared..

Guppy Fish Illness:

The most common disease of which your fish may suffer from is the fungus, that appears as a white colored cotton wool on the body of the fish. It is also the reason of the death of fry.

Fungus only attacks weak fishes or the damage areas of the body, mostly gills. Fungus largely affects your fishes when the tank is cold or below the temperature in which these fishes are accustomed.

If your fish is already being a victim of fungal infection, then it is preferable to quarantine it and follow the below treatment procedures:

  • For the first 3 days, add salt to the hospital tank at the rate of 1 teaspoon per gal.
  • In case you are adding salt from the first place then, double the amount.
  • Do it every morning and night and leave the water alone for the next 3 – 4 days.
  • After the completion of 8 days, remove half of the water each day and replace with salt-free and chlorine-free water at the appropriate temperature.
  • On the completion of the 10th day, you will see the difference.

Clearly treating and taking guppy fish care is both easy and affordable. However, I suggest you to start adding salt from the first day to prevent any disease.

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