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Taking care of fishes at times can become hectic if the proper guides are not known. We frequently publish blogs to help you with that and will try to cover most of the popular pet fishes.

Setting up your fish tank can seem to be an uphill battle at the start but trust me after setting up so many tanks I can assure you it seems to be easy and fall into place as you go forward and everything sums up like a jigsaw puzzle.

If you already own a fish tank and need just the review of the top devices, feel free to check out our review articles. Otherwise be with us while I guide you through the main requirements and setup process.

Basic Requirements Of A Fish Tank

 1) Fish Tank:

First things first, you need the best fish tank off-course to get started with. The one you would select depends on several factors like the amount of space you have in your house. The number and the types of fishes that you would like to keep in it etc. Generally, there are two types’ tanks that you can opt for.

  1. Glass Fish Tanks: These are the tanks which are being used since aquariums came into existence and have pros and cons just like other things.

Pros: Glass tanks are cheap and readily available in most of the places. They can also be made in-house or as DIY projects if you find a good description or video for the same. These tanks are easy to repair in case of breakage or can also be disassembled and kept if not required.

Cons: These are problematic to maintain, and are more prone to breakage and scratches than their counterparts. These are hard top transport in case of relocation and often leaks water if not maintained properly, through the joints.

    2. Acrylic Fish Tanks: These are ready made tanks which come in various shapes and sizes and are much more safe and portable than the glass counterparts.Acrylic-fishtank If you are going to start out new, I would highly recommend going with these variants. Just like the glass fish tanks the acrylic fish tanks also comes with own pros and cons as mentioned below.

 Pros: I personally found every time that the acrylic fish tanks are much superior in aesthetic quality, is easier to clean and is much more resistant to big and micro scratches. These are safe to handle, little chances of leaking as most of the part is molded instead of joint. In case it breaks it would not form sharp edges which can cause severe injury.

Cons: Acrylic tanks cannot be disassembled in case you are not using it or while transporting, and hence can be a bit of trouble for people who shift their houses often.

2) Canister Filter:

Once you have decided about the fish tank, the next thing you need to think about is the filtration system. This is an indispensable system for your tank ecosystem and it makes sure to keep all the toxic materials like ammonia and other stuff out of the tank water, which is produced by the fishes.

Although there are several kinds of filtration system this is one of the best you can get for your fishes. Trust me it will save you a lot of time, effort, and money in long-term. As deposition of toxic materials or its higher concentration tends to make the fishes ill and die off pretty quickly.

Pros:  Canister-FilterThe best canister filters have excellent filtration quality and can filter huge volume of water every hour keeping the tank squeaky clean. These devices are probably the most silent filtration system that you can keep your hands on and lasts for a long time.

Although there are several other benefits of using a canister filter built we will discuss those in a dedicated article comparing the in-depth pros and cons of a canister filtration system.

Cons: These devices can be a bit on the costly side; however anybody planning for a long hassle free journey with their aquarium setup should overlook it as it would be a great investment towards your money and saving time later on.

3) Aquarium Air Pump:

After the filtration system, aquarium air pump is one of the most important devices that you would need to complete the fish tank setup. This device ensures that there is enough dissolved oxygen in the water of the tank and can let the fishes breathe without much effort.

You should always buy a high-quality air pump if you remain outside of your home most of the time, as it might so happen that you go out of your house and the device malfunctions and shuts of pumping the air. That might cause your fishes to die off, a thing you would never want.

Since this device is expected to run 24×7 for 365 days, it puts a heavy stress on the devices and only quality devices survive that amount of stress. Trust me a dollar store device will not.

It is not also only about the fact of keeping the fishes healthy but also ensures you do not run into frequent troubles with your setup.

A quality product would also ensure that it is optimized for minimal electric consumption and hence you would save money on a long term and also contribute towards a greener world.Aquarium-air-pump

There are no as such pros and cons for the aquarium air pump as it is the device where I guess there are no substitutes.

Although some filters do have a facility to intermix air with water during the filtration process, but I would not suggest you to go that way as it often cannot be regulated and is insufficient most of the times.

There is also some DIY process using Yeats and sugar water if you are making a high-quality fish tank steer clear of those thoughts. Although it is fun to watch and know more about them so I would go ahead and publish an article about it.

4) LED Aquarium Lightning:

Aquarium lightning is a pretty important part of the aquarium setup and if you are planning for live plants inside your aquarium, it is an absolute necessary, although there are several kinds of lights available for the purpose all have their own merits and demerits.

We are going to limit our discussion within theAquarium-Led-Light boundary of LED lightning system as they are best in the market and haves lots of pros over cons.

Pros: These LED devices are perfectly meant for the job of lightning the aquarium and give a nice bright ambiance to your fish tank. One of the reasons besides being a hobby most people gets an aquarium to bring a cool and relaxing effect in the room.

These look great when maintained properly and can greatly reduce your stress level or anxiety. The LED fixtures for aquarium serve as a topping to it.

These aquarium lighting solutions use the least amount of energy for the lights produced and hence save you a lot of money in electricity bills.

Led devices by its design are built to last thousands of hours which are several times of the regular fixtures available. These devices are also to some level waterproof and would not go bad as easily as the other devices.

Cons: I have not yet found any such severe cons that need mentioning throughout the period I used for years. If you came across one please do comment we will update about the same.

5) Automatic Fish Feeder:

If you are planning to get an automatic system of taking care of the whole system other than the occasional cleaning part, this is the way to go.

The best automatic fish feeder is also a boon for the frequent travelers and people busy on schedules. These will keep running your aquarium like a mill and Automatic-fish-feederyou won’t need to worry about forgetting to feed your fishes anymore.

We are going to write in-depth posts about these excellent devices but in general, it’s a better choice to first check out the reviews and then going for one, so you can have your requirement sorted out.

The feeding frequency, types of food and several other factors needs to be roped in before you go ahead and purchase an automatic fish feeder.

There are no in general pros and cons for the devices as such but it varies from device to device and we will keep sharing it with you in our next posts.

6) Gravels and other stuffs:

We have covered all the main items that you would need for the tank, however, these generally depends on personal choices and the types of fishes you would like to keep.

The combinations can range up to thousands, so it would be beyond our scope of coverage. Although in our other posts you should see some interesting and inspiring setups from which you can easily draw some motivation.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and hop onto the online shopping spree and make sure you check out our reviews for the best aquarium accessories, in which we cover the in-depth details of each device and also share the links to buy them in discount from the comfort of your home.

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