How To Take Good Care Of Platy Fish?

Platy Fish
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Micky_mouse_platy_fishPlaty fish care is as easy as its other family members (Poeciliidae) like the guppy and molly. It belongs to the Xiphophorus genus and mostly a freshwater fish which is the native to the east coast of Central America and South Mexico.

The several variations in their colors made these fishes a great choice for the aquarium hobbyists. I personally prefer the red platy fish, as it boosts the color variation of my fish tank.

Platy Fish Types And Colors:

  • Mickey Mouse Platy: These platies are often called by the name Golden moon platy or moonfish and have the maximum size of 2 inches. These mid dwellers of the aquarium have a life span of 5 years.
  • Variatus Platy: These variatus platy fish’ are native to southern Tamaulipas and the northern Veracruz states and can grow up to the maximum size of 2.8 inches.
  • Sunset Platy: The place of origin of these fishes is Central America and can grow up to a maximum size of 5 cm. The color combination of their body is the only reason behind their unique name.
  • Red Platy: These fishes are usually said to be originated from Singapore and basically are farm raised fishes. The classic red beauty of their body makes these fishes instantly distinguished from other fishes in the aquarium.

Tank Conditions:

As these fishes are prolific live-bearers stay prepared to have a tankfull of newborns anytime. So while choosing a tank for them make sure you are planning appropriately, that whether you want newborns or just a handful of platies.

If you want to have the same number of fishes from the start to the end, then check for the numbers of males and females. You can separate the males from the females by their shapes, as females are rounder and fatter comparatively to the males.

You can keep 4 to 5 males or females in a 10-gallon aquarium, but not more than that.

Or if you want baby fishes for your aquariums or for selling or to give away then a 30 gallon tank will be enough.

The best thing about these fishes is that these are undemanding when comes to housing. All you need is a good condition of the aquarium which includes an adequate filteration, maximum 79 degrees F temperature and medium to hard water condition.

Platy Fish Breeding:

Platies fish does not need any special treatment to trigger breeding, as from the age of 4 months these fishes start to breed. If you want to breed these fishes, then keeping the correct ratio of male and female is crucial.

Always keep 3 females or more to every male as keeping the equal ratio will result in the death of the females as the aggressive males will try to mate with them frequently which will create excessive stress in them.

So it is wise to keep more females than males. After the mating, you can easily identify the pregnant platy fish from their swollen belly and the black spot near the anal fin.

It will be appropriate to use a trap for the pregnant female to give birth of the newborns otherwise the adults will be happy to eat them as snacks.

If you don’t want to use the trap, then you can use dense vegetation in the aquarium as it will give the newborns enough place for hiding from the adults.

Feeding Platy Fish:

Feeding these fishes is not at all a grueling work. All you need to look after is the proper balancing of the diet. Below I have discussed the feeding in details for your ease of understanding. You can also use one of the best auto fish feeder if you want to run your tank in auto mode :D.

How To Take Care Of Baby Platy Fish?

Taking care of the baby fry is very easy. No extensive care is needed. After the babies are born, you can separate them in another tank, where you can feed them ground flakes.

Or you can give them really small pieces of vegetables like cucumber medallions, zucchini medallions, and shelled peas. To give them a balanced diet you can feed them live worms like bloodworms, banana worms, and black worms.

What To Feed The Adults?

The adults can eat anything you give them from live foods like worms to vegetables and high quality flake foods. They even eat their babies happily.


How Long Are Platy Fish Pregnant For?

  • 4 – 5 weeks

How To Take Care Of Platy Fry?

  • No extensive care is needed. Same as the adults, which are good filtration, adequate pH level, and temperature.

What Are The Signs A Platy Is About To Give Birth?

  • You can easily tell that a female is pregnant by its swollen belly and the dark spot near the anal fin. Once you are confirmed about the pregnancy take a good platy fish care for healthier babies.

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