Tiger Oscar Fish Care- All You Need To Know!

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I will not lie to you. It’s true Tiger Oscar fish care is a bit stretchy and hectic. But that does not mean you cannot have them in your aquarium, though you need to be more caring towards it.

Know Your Fish:

Tiger Oscar cichlid is a native to the tropical South America where in the local markets, they are found for sale as a food fish. Because of the beauty and the variety – Albino Tiger Oscar, Red Tiger Oscar, White Tiger Oscar etc., it has, it is considered as a very popular aquarium fish in Europe and the U.S.

How An Oscar Cichlid Behaves?

Before keeping this fish in your tank, you must know its behavioral patterns. Oscars are not at all a community fish. However, aggressiveness does not form a big part in their social behavior but in a new environment, your fish may show predatory behavior and eat the smaller tank mates.

So, this lesson teaches you that to always keep your Oscar with large fishes and in a large aquarium.

Tiger Oscar Fish Care – Aquarium Set-up:

The most important part of keeping an Oscar fish is to set your aquarium for it properly so that it feels comfortable in swimming there. Now start with taking the right fish tank size and that is 40 – 50 Gallons per juvenile Oscar.

After that aim for the appropriate temperature which should be around 77-degree F. However, you can use a thermometer and keep the temperature between 74 – 81-degree F.

As your fish is very active in nature make sure to hide the heater, inlets, and outlets or protect them by tough objects. They love to play with sand, so do not forget to fill the bottom with white sand.

Also, they keep themselves busy playing with the surroundings, which is why you must keep some hiding places and plastic decors to play with. The pH level of the water must be kept between 6.5 – 7.2.

What To Feed Tiger Oscar?

This fish is not at all picky about its food as it is carnivorous you can give it pelleted, frozen, dead or live foods. However, meaty foods are its favorite. As they grow bigger very soon, you need to keep changing the amount of food you feed them, on daily basis.

Some aquarists prefer to feed this fish with meats from warm-blooded mammals like beef, poultry, pork etc. as they believe, it helps them in growing healthy, but it will be the worst decision you will take in Tiger Oscar fish care.

As these proteins are not naturally found in their diet, the fat in the proteins can cause damage to their organs and enhance the chances of having dangerous intestinal blockages.

So, if you found that your fish is loving the meat from the warm-blooded mammals, then it is advised to feed them once in a while.

How To Breed Tiger Oscar?

Breeding is tricky to do if you have an adult tiger Oscar in aquarium because adult ones do not pick mates easily. If you want to start with juveniles, then over the period they will pick their mates.

But it will take around 16 months to breed them. So, to avoid this long process, you can buy mates from your shopkeeper that have spawned at least for once. Also, ask for spawning proof.

The benefit of buying a pair is that you will get eggs every year. Also after the female has laid the eggs, separate the adults from the tank as on the first place the male may eat them.

If you have made your own pair in the tank and want to know the signs of mating, then always follow if your fishes are slapping tails, chasing each other or locking mouths. In some cases, they carry sands in their mouths from one place to other.

Tiger Oscar Fish Care – Keeping Your Fish Healthy

Tiger Oscars can be affected by a hole in the head, Ick, Ich, pop-eye disease, fin and tail rot and dropsy, if not taken care properly.

One of the common signs of a diseased fish is improper swimming pattern. To keep your fish healthy, it is essential to use the best canister filter which has 3 stage filtration process to eliminate all the unwanted substances from the tank.

Also, over-crowding the aquarium with Tiger Oscar tank mates is a reason behind such disease. So, to keep your fish safe from diseases, maintain the hygiene of your tank daily.

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